Check out Olamide hanging out at a Hausа wedding in Abuja

Interested in Olamide? Haven't you seen his photos at the Hausa wedding in Abuja? Read the article and find out more about Olamide and this event.


It was absolutely amazing - Olamide's dancing at Hausa wedding. Faisal Abdullahi and Zara Shagari had their marriage celebration this time, so Olamide and Bovi were invited to entertain the guests. Very nice!
Given the chance to be present at the occasion, you would have certainly noticed that the wedding had all Muslim style outfit. Even the bridesmaid was also wearing a dress - Muslim outfit.
All the guests were pleasantly satisfied, as if the job is done by the geniuses, there isn't any point to worry. And it really was like this - everything which was planned the guests had an opportunity to see and admire.
You may also not worry about the photos which were taken during the occasion, as this task was devoted to the impressive George Okoro. All the course of events at the wedding was thoroughly planned by the master of his job.
By the way, if you aren't acquainted with Olamide's personality, let's recall some information about his life.


In the Internet you may find him under other names, such as Baddo or Baddo Shen, Daddymilano. In Nigeria and beyond its boundaries you can hear about him as of a singer, songwriter and rapper, who works in the style of Hip hop. He is mostly known as a performer in Yoruba - his native language.

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And what about his own wedding? It was really fabulous, the designers have done an excellent job. They have chosen two colours to be the leading ones in the process of preparation for wedding ceremony. It, by the way, took place in the oldest African Cathedral – St. George’s Cathedral. Everything was so stylish, an additive charm was present due to the presence of a great number of flowers and other flora representatives.


But, fortunately, it wasn’t the end of the celebrations planned for this important day. Later on they came to the Cathedral Bill Tower. Near it they managed to see the Klein Drakenstein Mountain Range and unforgettable Cape Winelands. Closer to the evening, everyone was able to admire the colour of the day. At the sunset it was possible to get pleasure of the spectacular view of the wedding outfit – all its details and features.

Despite the intention of the couple to find themselves in one of the cozy room of the apartments, the atmosphere on the dance floor couldn’t be spoiled by any things. The ongoing joy and fun was present till the end of the party.

The most prominent feature was undoubtedly the designers decision on the decoration of the space and outfits, and every detail…absolutely amazing and unbelievable.

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