Check out Rita Dominic's charming makeup look

Dream to do Rita Dominic's makeup? What tips are the best? What secrets does she use? How to do it at home in 10 minutes? You’ll find the coolest make up tutorial in this article right now!

Rita Dominic

We are used to seeing celebrities always with perfect makeup, holiday hairstyles, and trendy clothes. Rita Dominic is considered to be one of the fashion icons in Africa. Rita Dominic's make up and Rita Dominic's look are always on the top according to the beauty experts.

A lady knows how to make her face look beautiful and shiny. But you can do the same make up at home too. Would you like to try?

How to do Rita Dominic’s makeup?

How to do Rita Dominic’s makeup

Makeup ‘Smoky eyes’ will help make your look inimitable and expressive. In this article we will talk about the secrets of make-up and learn the technique of its implementation. If at first you do not succeed, do not worry, it is quite difficult makeup.

Each time your make up will become better and better, and you will achieve excellence when you can make it literally in 10 minutes. We will give you an easy description right now.

Smoky Eyes technique

How to do makeup

It can already be attributed to the classics. It appeared at the turn of 20-30 years of the 20th century. At first it have been used by brunettes to create an image of the femme fatale (vamp) and executed in black tones, but now there are a lot of types in different color schemes. There are a lot of methods of application and use of various cosmetics. Smokey eyes can be used as a day and evening makeup.

The base technology of Smokey eyes is in stratified shade of pencil and shadow. It created the effect of smoke covering eye, the eye sight becomes more profound and expressive, so it is called smoky eyes makeup.

Smokey eyes step by step instructions:

Smoky Eyes technique

To perform Smokey Eyes makeup you need:

• Black eyeliner (pencil);

• Eye shadow (one or two shades);

• Eye shadow (pearly shades);

• Mascara.

Accessories for applying makeup:

Accessories for applying makeup

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• The tapered brush for eyelids;

• Flat brush for eyelids;

• Foam brush for shadows.

Steps of Smoky Eyes makeup:

Steps of Smoky Eyes makeup

Step 1: Using a black pencil on the upper eyelid moving at the lash line, draw a thick black line.

Step 2. Spread the pencil texture on eyelid using a beveled brush for shadows. Blend all the coverage, moving from the lash line to the crease of the movable part of the eyelid. Thus, you can avoid sharp edges of the pencil line.

Step 3: Use a flat brush to apply shadow, use rammed movements putting on the shade with tint of wet asphalt or coal with sparkles on all upper eyelid. So you can fix the pencil line. Also, you'll have a smooth transition between the black lines and shadows.

Step 4: Put pearl tint shadow on the inner corner of the eye and under the curve of the eyebrows. Thus, you add light to your smoky eyes, it will also attach glow to your look. Apply texture.

stylish make up

Step 5: Blend the border of dark and light with an ordinary brush and the silver shade eye shadow. Shadow should be applied from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, light circular movements.

Step 6: To enhance the effect of make-up, apply a black pencil outline on the mucosa of the lower eyelid, in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. According to the ‘hairline’ of the lower eyelid, apply a little texture, so the line will turn out fine and elegant.

Step 7: To fix the line on the lower eyelid, you must use a beveled brush. Apply the shadow color of wet asphalt or coal with glitter. It is not necessary to put a lot of shadow on the inner corner of the eye, as it will make the glance look heavy. The line should be as thin as possible in this area.

Step 8: To make the eye makeup finished, apply mascara, moving from base to their tips. If you want to give your eyelashes volume and fluffiness, put the several layers. Stunning Smokey Eyes make up is ready.


rita dominic's look

Keep in mind that with such a bright make-up you should not apply bright lipstick shades on the lips. The make-up focus should be performed on the eyes or the lips. The best idea is to use a neutral lip gloss with translucent shade. Before you apply makeup for lips, you also need to apply foundation.

Wipe the edge of the lips with the cleansing tonic. Then apply a foundation for the lips or a normal foundation. Since Smokey Eyes’ emphasis is on the eye, then pick up the lipstick as close as possible to the tone of the lips. After applying lipstick, cover the surface of the lips with the transparent or neutral lip gloss. According to your discretion, you can use lipstick and apply it only for shine.

When you select the shadows, focus your attention on your eye color, skin and hair, and then on the colors of your clothes.

If you have close-set eyes, you do not bring a use pencil for the inner corner of the eye, as they will look even closer, put there light shade. Or use a light shade to perform Smokey eyes.

blue smoky eyes

You should choose the shadows yourself. Rita Dominic chose the blue color, which helped her to create gorgeous ‘queen’ look, as it suited her best. You can choose darker colors in order to create hot vamp look. But do not forget that it will better suite evening look. 

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