Check out the best photos from Femi Adebayo’s wedding

Femi Adebayo’s the second wedding! Who is the lucky wife? Who managed to win Femi Adebayo’s heart? What did ceremony look like? Find video of their first dance and photos here right now!

 Femi Adebayo married again

On the 9th of October popular actor, whose name is Femi Adebayo, married a successful US-based business lady Omotayo Sanusi. They had private wedding ceremony with a lot of celebrities in Lagos. Of course we have already gathered some first photos for you and also the information about an actor and Femi Adebayo wife. Let’s find out more clearly who the spouses are.

Femi Adebayo wife

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Femi Lateef Adebayo is a popular writer and an actor, well-known for Ladies Gang 2 (2011), Omo pupa (2008) and Atónà (2009).

An actor was born on 31st of December, 1972. He is the son of famous Nollywood actor, whose name is Adebayo Salami, however he is known as Oga Bello. He is an incredible Yoruba actor who has become famous due to his character interpretation skills.  

Femi Adebayo wedding

Femi Adebayo is from Ilorin Kwara state, however an actor was born and also raised in Nigerian Lagos. Femi studied Law at the popular University of Ilorin. Now he is working on his master degree in Theatre Art.

Femi Adebayo, who had his first role back in 1995 (it was Tade Ogidan movie, Owoblow), has also starred in thousands of home videos. He has won the hearts of millions of Yoruba film lovers, wining a lot of prestigious awards. He has an impressive list of films, which includes such hits, as: Wura Ati Fadaka, Sonto Alapata, Buga and Ma Wobadan.

Femi Adebayo second wedding

A spouse Omotayo Sanusi is a successful businesswoman, who is based in the USA. There were some rumors, that she had a fling with a popular singer, 9ice while he was a husband to Toni Payne.

Femi Adebayo tied knot with his beautiful lady Omotayo Sanusi, in a very quiet ceremony with a few family members and also very close friends. The occasion took place in Lagos. Femi Adebayo mentioned that such decision was best for them as he has been on the lane before and his wife has never been, he has to protect her privacy at any cost.

Femi Adebayo married

Femi wanted to keep his love from public glare as much as it was possible He also asked for the understanding of his friends and his beloved loyal fans. He said that he appreciated all of them, adding that prayers and support was all they need.

Femi Adebayo wedding ceremony

Fans wanted to see Femi Adebayo wife picture so much that almost exploded the web. Now you have such a chance – to see the pictures from the Femi Adebayo’s closed wedding ceremony.

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