Check out Wizkid and Chris Brown performing at Mombasa Golf Club

Check out how cool a new performance of Wizkid and Chris Brown was! You will absolutely enjoy that, so learn more from the article.

Wizkid ft Chris Brown

Wizkid’s popularity is growing, that is why he is giving more and more concerts every day. One of his latest shows was together with Chris Brown in the Mombasa Golf Club. You can check out his most recent pictures and a video with him performing here.

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The idea of inviting Wizkid and Chris Brown to perform at a club in Mombasa belongs to the Governor of the stat. His name is Hassan Joho. And as he explains he thought it would be a brilliant idea to invite an American celebrity, Chris Brown, and a local celebrity known worldwide, Wizkid, to a Golf Club to perform for the potential investors.

Wizkid and Chris Brown in Kenya

As he told the journalists later, he made it in an attempt to show that Kenya is open for the visitors and investors. They are very welcoming and warm and cannot wait to see new people coming to them to visit.

So, far this is all we know about the occasion. You can enjoy the pictures we have found for this event.

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