Chidinma and Flavor – are they a couple?

What are the latest romance Chidinma news? Find out if she is really dating NIgerian rapper Flavour.

Admires of music are interested: is Flavour dating Chidinma? Rumors about that the couple has romantic relations, have been spreading for a long time. Recently they have published the joint song and posted a photo online. They also have kissed on one of their music video. People have at once thought about love relationships. Now we’ll try to find an answer on the question: is Flavour and Chidinma dating?

Chidinma and Flavor – are they a couple?

The latest Chidinma newsshowed an interview with the girl. One of admirers of the singer asked her a question: have you feelings to Flavor? At first, the girl was confused with this question. But then, after uncertain denials, she answered yes. However, it’s haven’t become unclear whether it’s a joke or not.

Chidinma and Flavor

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In other interview, the girl admitted that Flavor is a person with whom it is really pleasant to work. She has told that they will always be together when work on joint songs. At least, fans will consider so. ‘We just work together. And this is all. But whatever we tell, rumors will always exist’ – said the singer.

are they a couple Chidinma and Flavor ?

So, this is all Chindima and Flavour news for today. It seems that they are really connected only with work. However, everything can happen.


Let people love each other, it's not bad, it's even very good. There is nothing wrong if people fall in love. Even quadrupeds people always want to love and be lyubimimy because they are people with feelings and emotions. He is still very satisfied with the beautiful and talented man, is also a very beautiful woman, so let love each other SBUs to health. Maybe it's just a rumor, because now so easy to slander a person. Well, if it's true so let them all goes well, because love is very good and bright feeling, which is not replaced by anything.

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