Chris Rock finalized the split with his wife

American stand-up comedian and actor Chris Rock divorced his wife after 20 years of marriage! Find out the details about the split of the famous couple here.

famous comedian Chris Rock

A famous comedian Chris Rock who is 51 years old right now has finally divorced his wife. The couple has been separated for the last few years and now they are officially divorced after 20 years of marriage.

The hearing went well, there were no quarrels. Chris Rock and Malaak have teenage kids together. Their names are Lola Simone and Zahra Savanna.

Moreover, they have another kid who lived with them for a while, South African girl Ntombi. She is 8 years old but she has been living with them since she was an infant.

But there is not much about her that is known to the public. And this story is quite mysterious because Malaak stated that they had adopted this baby but her ex-husband denied it!

It’s hard to find out who is lying and why the couple can’t agree on that but Malaak wrote about Ntombi in the documents for the court. This incident confused a lot of journalists.

 According to TMZ, Chris Rock and his wife took a child from South Africa back in 2008. The girl lived with them, went to school and was like another daughter to them.

But it’s not known whether they actually adopted the baby or not. No one knows the exact reason why Ntombi lived with the couple.

The media states that the parents of the girl didn’t have enough money to sustain her and therefore, decided to give her away for the adoption.

When the couple decided to finalize the split in 2014 the famous comedian stayed in touch with his biological kids but not much is known about their adopted kid.

Therefore, the media hasn’t revealed all important details about the case as they are not known to anyone yet.

famous comedian Chris Rock

At the meantime, Chris Rock has been dating another woman named Megalyn Echikunwoke, who is about 20 years younger than him, for almost a year.

Megalyn is an actress who appeared in a lot of movies and TV series such as CSI Miami and 90210 and Damien. According to the latest news, Chris and Megalyn are already engaged!

However, those are just gossips so we can’t be sure!

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More about Chris Rock

The full name of the comedian is Christopher Julius "Chris" Rock III. He was born in 1965 and is famous for being a great American actor.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian but later he realized he really loved acting and decided to try himself as an actor. He started gaining popularity in the 90s after the show Saturday Night Live.

After that Chris Rock appeared in a lot of movies such as Down to Earth, Grown Ups, Top Five and a lot of other TV shows and series.

One of his greatest achievements is a fascinating series Everybody Hates Chris. He wrote it himself and it reflects his own experiences.

As for the topics he likes to joke about in his stand-up tours, they include politics, love, family and the problems of discrimination in the country.

famous comedian Chris Rock

Even though the stories Chris is telling during his performances are not necessary about him, much of it still comes from his own experience. His childhood wasn’t that easy.

The parents of the actor were really strict and they wanted him to study in another school even though Rock didn’t agree with them.

They wanted the best for their child and that’s why they moved to the better area where little Chris could get a better education and build a brighter future.

But it wasn’t that easy to do it as most of the people in the new school were white. It caused a lot of discrimination and most of the students would bully him which made him want to quit studying.

At first his family lived in South Carolina but after the birth of Chris Rock they decided to move to Brooklyn where they thought they would become happier.

After spending a few years in Crown Heights they relocated again – to Bedford–Stuyvesant. The parents of the future celebrity were average middle-class people. His mom was a teacher and his dad was a driver.

Unfortunately, in the end of the 80s Chris’s dad died because of ulcer. The comedian also has brothers - Tony, Kenny, and Jordan who work in the same area right now.

famous comedian Chris Rock

His other brother Charles was an alcoholic who died about 10 years ago. Rock says that the person who has influenced him the most was his granddad named Allen Rock.

The bullying and other teenage experiences have made a great impact on the personality and the works of the actor.

Living in the neighbourhood where most of the kids were white easily made him a target for bullies. He got in fights a lot and the discrimination was just awful.

Therefore, his parents finally agreed to transfer him to another school. But Chris was so fed up with everything he had to go through that he simply decided to quit. However, after a while he still got his GED.

After that he had to work a lot to be able to make a living. He spent most of the time washing the dishes and working as a waiter in fast-food places and small cafes.

Meanwhile he got interested in comedy and started performing to the small public. He became really popular especially after some of his roles in TV series.

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