Clifford Orji on the Loose Again??

I remembered about this case that happened sometimes ago . . . .

[b]Just so you remember: Clifford Orji & Tahiru -[/b] [b]Two suspected Nigerian cannibals were arrested under a bridge in Lagos after residents heard the cries of a woman one of them he was about to kill. Remains of roasted human parts were recovered in their shack under under a bridge in Lagos. "Some of the limbs and feet on the man's grill are believed to be those of a young woman, going by the size of the feet and the long black permed hair," the Guardian newspaper reported, "The rest of the body ,  was said to have been eaten up before the arrest." The bizarre incident sent shockwaves through Lagos, causing a massive traffic jam as thousands of spectators massed around the area to catch a glimpse of the cannibal hut.

The suspects were identified as Clifford Orji and Tahiru. The cannibal duo, who appear to be mildly slow, allegedly dug holes on the ground for unwary passers-by to fall into, before killing them and roasting their bodies. They allegedly preferred attacking women, especially "young, fine girls with long hairs,  We wanted to stop women from wearing wigs."

Orji, who is the more vocal of the duo, claimed to have come "from America." He confessed that they enjoyed Molesting their victims before munching on their flesh. Orji said he usually went out to hunt for their victims, while Tahiru acted as the butcher.

The demented killer added: " I just look unto the forehead of any woman, blow the air from my mouth as directed by the spirit, then, the woman will follow me. When I get to the underbridge, I will have sexual affair with her to a state of unconsciousness before we slaughter her and roast. I am not alone, I have between four to 10 people. They take their own parts and go while I wait again for another meat." It is unclear how many victims the serial cannibal-couple killed and ate. Neighbors said the two killers lived under the brigde of the Airport Road for years and were suspected of murdering people to sell their body parts for rituals.


Whatever happened with this case, where is Clifford Orji now?

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Na wah for Naija oooo. There is every possiblity that the guy was associated with top officials. We also heard back then that he was selling body parts of people to other people that subsequently used it for rituals. I really think that EFCC should probe this case, and try to know those that the parts were being supplied to, but as you would imagine that would probably not happen ,

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