D'Banj vs. Don Jazzy: who is richer?

What do you think which one is the richest? D'Banj or Don Jazzy? Learn the answer right now.

don jazzy and d'banj

So who is truly richer between famous Don Jazzy and D’Banj? Let’s find out. Don Jazzy net worth is recently estimated to be about $35 million, however, D’Banj net worth is about 5 million of American dollars.

Don Jazzy is much richer than D’Banj! He has $30 million more! As to talk about age, the last one was born in 1980, on June 9 (he is 36 years old) and Jazzy was born in 1982, in November, 26th (and he is 33) in Umuahia. So, as you see, Don Jazzy is younger than D’Banj, they have almost 3 years difference.

Popular D’Banj and Don Jazzy began their MoHits together in Lagos back in 2004 after these two came from London. When Don Jazzy became the President/CEO, his colleague D’Banj became the 1st recording artist, who signed to a record label. As with the magic wand, Don Jazzy rapidly and successfully nurtured this label to an international standard and got other artists. There were: Doctor Sid, K Switch, D’Prince, Wande Coal, etc.

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Back in 2012, this record label became dissolved when plenty of people considered extremely irreconcilable differences between these two.

It was the great progress, when D'Banj signed good music for Kanye West and began his own new record label under the name DB Record (or D'Banj Record). It did not produce any hit or sign any serious artist to date of accepting Tonto Dikeh and K. switch.

Don Jazzy began his own (now very famous and successful) record label, which is called Mavin Record. It has produced a couple of hits, such as Sulurere, Dorobucci, Eminado, Godwin, My Darling, Take Banana, Adaobi, Kabiyesi, etc. He also has been helping other artists like Korede Bello, Ricaldo Banks and Di’Ja to build their career from the scratch to the international stardom.

Now Don Jazzy is becoming more and more popular.

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Nigerians wonder what people feel when they suddenly become rich. There are different opinions of men who have already made millions of American dollars in a variety of ways. Someone delays, and someone sells his company after all. Rich people say a man feels that he can suddenly afford everything in the world. Well, it is a good feeling.

However, wealth truly isolates you from the society. You cannot even complain about your life or, for example, talk about your problems to someone but the circle of the closest friends. Otherwise, you are simply deem insolent man. People cannot sympathize you if they have less wealth, because they think that the money gives you everything. But this is not true at all.

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Money comes with a lot of different problems. For example, lack of any motivation to work, repeated requests to borrow some money from the unknown or suddenly appeared friends and, of course, relatives, jealousy and taxes - all these facts are not the most exciting in our lives. If you have children, you have to think over how to motivate them to study and to do something, instead of just wasting your money.

Do not think that you will have a plenty of free time, if you are rich. Idleness quickly makes you tired. Those of friends, who work a regular job from 9 to 17, disappear. Money makes people lonely and this may be the biggest surprise and disappointment for rich people.

One of the rich men, said: ‘Material things cannot bring real pleasure. Sorry, I could not help but mention that. Maybe, it is very difficult to understand, as long as you do not pass through the rich life yourself. I bought a car and exclusive, expensive toys, but they bring fun only at the beginning. After a while you realize that it is just unprofitable investments’.

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So if you are jealous and want to become extremely rich too, think twice. There are plenty of disadvantages too. People think when they get rich, their life will be much better. And now here you are richer, but your life does not change. This unexpected outcome could cause different severe depression or even total life crisis. Whether you are not happy and pleased with an average prosperity, you will never be happy being rich.


U re crazy,do you know how much $30 million dollars is...even some of the top American artiste don't have that and u say one Nigeria artiste who doesnt sell records,whose endorsement fund in total has not passed 300 million naira has $30 million..Joke of the year...Incorrect and irrelevant article.

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