Davido feat Uhuru: who is richer and more famous?

Who Uhuru Kenyatta? What is he famous for? Read the article to get acquainted with the politician!

Many musicians can brag of the same big salary, as politicians have. Let's find out who is richer and more well-known: Davido feat Uhuru.

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Uhuru Kenyatta biography

Uhuru Kenyatta was born in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in the family of revolutionary and fighter for independence of the country, Jomo Kenyatta. He graduated American college.

In 1997 he began political career and won elections on post of the head of regional office in KANU party. The same year he tried to be elected in parliament of Kenya from capital district, but got beaten. Then he departed from policy for some time and was engaged in business.

In 1999 Uhuru was appointed the new chairman of Tourism Board of Kenya, and in October, 2001 he was included in structure of the cabinet. In March, 2001 he was elected the vice-chairman of ruling party of KANU.

Uhuru Kenyatta biography

In 2002 Kenyatta was proposed as candidate for president from KANU party. But in October, 2002, he was beaten.

He was also a candidate at presidential elections in Kenya of 2013. On March 4, 2013 he was elected the president, having collected more than 50% of votes. He won against the main competitor, the acting prime minister of the country.

Uhuru is also the owner of empire of family business including five-star tourist hotels, airlines and commercial agriculture.

uhury kenyatta biography

When was Uhuru Kenyatta born?

Kenyatta was born on the 26th of October, 1961. He is 54 years old.

Davido biography

Davido is a famous Nigerian musician. He was born in reach family and began his career in 17 years. Since then he has released 5 albums and received a set of awards. Among them are: MTV Europe Music Award and World Music Award.
Many people have already heard the latest Davido news, when he has concluded the contract with Sony Music.  He is also an owner of recording studio and producer.

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Davido cars

The singer is an owner of 6 cars: Mercedes G-Wagon, Range Rover Sport SUV, 2012 Audi Q7, Chevrolet Camaro, Honda accord and Porsche Turbo.

Davido Instagram

Performer’s Instagram is one of the most popular of all Nigerian musicians. It has 2 million followers.


Rich people are now very much, but very few good men. Really who wish good to others. Very interesting article about rich people, but I know that many musicians zarabytyvat a lot of money, politics as much, and it deposits on the person naskoloko he is able to work, a person who works hard and will earn a lot of money. I really enjoyed this article, and I learned a lot more about the rich people. The main thing is not money, but that would be all healthy. Of course these people should imitate and follow the example. But if the money is earned honestly.

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