Davido net worth – How rich is this Nigerian rapper?

How rich is Davido? Learn how much money does this famous Nigerian rapper have.

Davido is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria. In addition, he enters a rating of the richest African stars. Therefore, many admirers of the singer are interested in Davido net worth and how he has managed to earn such sums. Let's begin one after another. David Adedeji Adeleke was born in a family of the businessman and politician. He was initially rich. But when he started his musical career, he began to make money himself.

Davido net worth

It should be noted that Davido is one of the few singers who have come to the world of music from a rich family. In 2011, he began the musical career professionally. ‘Dami Duro’ was his first song. Then he has moved to Nigeria. His success has increased and it has begun to earn even more. A little time has passed there, and Davido begun to appear in a company of such famous rapper as P. Diddy. He became the frequent participant of different shows, both in Nigeria and in other countries. His popularity increased incredibly quickly. He has won a set of awards. The name of the singer is often mentioned in the largest musical publishing houses.

Davido How rich is this Nigerian rapper?

Davido net worth details

In 2012, Davido made the contract with MTN TV Company. He became the representative of MTN Pulse. It is the action for development of show business among youth. This transaction has brought him benefit of 30N million.

In 2014, he has received more than 50 million from cooperation with Close UP. He was convinced that it would help the company to be widely adopted in the market, especially among youth.

Davido – How rich

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Davido is also known as the producer. Together with his brother, he has organized Record Label HKN Gang.  Davido receives the huge sums of money for support of young actors. He helps them with development of popularity among public. In addition, the singer receives benefit from those who come to write down tracks at his studio.

Davido – How rich this rapper?

Almost everyone knows that there is monetization on YouTube. Davido has used this opportunity. He released the clip on his popular song Aye. It has collected 25 million viewings on YouTube. But it is not the only successful clip of the singer. There are also other video clips, which have attracted more than one million viewers. Of course, Davido has received big money from YouTube. Also his albums are bought by listeners on iTunes, RBT and other platforms.

Of course, one more source of Davido's income is concerts. The singer has won attention of public with his songs. Now he brings together 2-3 million listeners on different stages of Nigeria. The favorite of public performs about 50 shows a year, which gives big money.

Davido Nigerian rapper?

Davido spends a lot of time in the USA. For his salary, he managed to buy a big mansion in Atlanta. He is also the owner of expensive cars. Generally, the rapper has a magnificent and luxury life.

Davido has made a big contribution to development of the musical industry of Nigeria and it was valued according to his merits. In general, the singer's income for 2015 made about 14.5 million dollars. This fact impresses, doesn't it?

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