Davido or Freddy Young: who is better?

Is Freddy Young better than Davido? Learn who it is and what is going on in Nigerian show bizz.

 Freddy Young

Most of us know who Davido is, but do we know Freddy Young? Why should he even be compared to Davido? Let’s get some answers.

Who is Freddy Young?

This is a new and rising music star. The guy comes from Edo State. He is just 19, but has already been through a lot. He is still in the process of getting his education in Ghana from Zenith University College. However, his plans for the future are related only to music.

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 Freddy Young star

The young man believes he has what it takes to beat Davido and Olamide, and even Wizkid! One of the biggest challenges on his way is the absence of the record label or promoters. He performs in afro pop dancehall style. His music is dynamic and fun.

He has a message to carry through his art. He thinks the major 3 top celebs, such as Davido, Wizkid and Olamide are great, but he could be better! They guy already at 19 has 30 songs and was able to record 10 of them. So, which one is better Davido or Freddy Young? For now Davido wins, but this young man has all the chances to beat him in the future!

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