Davido's daughter gets a new Wrangler jeep

Davido is known not only for his famous songs but his rich and luxurious life. Recently he surprised all his fans by buying his little daughter the real toy Jeep. Read the article and check out the photos and video of it!

davido presenter Jeep
Davido is known not only for his famous songs but his rich and luxurious life. 

David Adedeji Adeleke known as Davido is famous Nigerian singer who produced timeless hits such as Globe, Dodo, Aye and Fans Mi. Davido names himself as the “Omo Baba Olowo” (son of a wealthy man in Yoruba) which is shortened to OBO.

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davido presenter Jeep

Davido was married to Sophia Momodu, but the couple got loudly divorced in January, but some recourse tells us that they are good friends now.

davido presenter Jeep

Anyway, they have the beautiful baby daughter I made. She is first David's daughter, so he tries to surprise her everything she is dreaming about. Recently he claimed he earns 100 000 $ per week, so it wasn’t a big problem for him to buy a toy Jeep for his princess.

I made loves her new present and seems to spend all her free time, driving new Jeep.

davido presenter Jeep

With such impressive salary, we can only imagine how much Davido spends on Image's whims. What is more, the Jeep’s price is also unknown. But the fact is that it could be compared to the purchase of cars for you and the whole your family.

Davido is known as loving and carrying father. And we are just waiting for the next present for young I made!

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