Davido's net worth: How much does the singer earn?

You always wanted to get to know how much money extremely famous Nigerian rapper Davido receives weekly? Find the answer in our article.


23 years old Nigerian rapper and producer Davido impressed his fans with the sum of his weekly salary. People were always interested in his profits. Davido is one of a few Nigerian stars who were born in a really rich family of a magnate and a professor. He got a good education, during which he became very interested in music. After returning to Nigeria rapper started his professional music career as a rapper, and released his first album. Later he and his brothers founded their own recording studio; there they help the up-and-coming stars to become famous among Nigerian and world society. This studio also brings Davido a lot of money.

His career began developing apace. He became a welcomed member of many shows not only in Nigeria, but all over the world. He received a number of different musical awards. So, he got the whole army of attached fans, who are always eager to visit his performances and it also may well result in huge profits of the celebrity. Usually he has about fifty performances each year. So, you can only imagine Davido`s profits.

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We can see that Davido lives a magnificent and splendid life. He regularly visits his mansion in the United States of America, he owns posh cars and visits expensive parties.

Cool man

He is always in the spotlight. And he sometimes likes to sound off his attainments in his social networks accounts. Recently, the rapper posted in his Snapchat account a photo of him, signed with a phrase about his salary. Davido wrote that each week he receives 10000 dollars. And reminded to all his followers that he is only 23 years old. Probably Davido wanted to impress his fans and foes with his achievements.

It was not the first case when the rapper boasted his belongings. Earlier he shared in his social media information about his new Rolex watch. He added that this watch costs as much as twenty cars.

In the pool

Of course, his window dressing caused squall of critics from ordinary Internet users, but Davido did not seem to be impressed by this sharp reaction.

But anyway, despite his passion for boasting, we should respect Davido and his art, as he devoted a lot of time, money and self-denial to the development of Nigerian stage and music.


I like dis is nice ,what a good life are this two guy living ,me self won't to live large oh

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