Diamond ft Davido – who is better and more famous?

Love Nigerian rappers? Find out who is more famous between Davido and Diamond.

One more popular duet, which was released by famous rapper Davido, is the song with magnificent Diamond. Their song was named “Number one”. Of course, this common performance aroused heated disputes. Admires argue: who is “number one” in real life? It’s hard to compare these two talented singers, but we’ll try. For beginning, let’s remember some facts from their biography.

Diamond ft Davido

Diamond singer

Diamond was born in America. Her real name is Brittany Nicole Carpentero. Her stage career began in 2004, when she joined Crime Mob group. They created the album, which became platinum, and two other albums. In 2008, Diamond left the band and began her solo career.

Diamond more famous?

Diamond lyrics are hip-hop with some romantic notes. Her debut single was presented in 2010. In 2011, she was the nominee of BET Awards as the best hip-hop singer. When she performed her new single in 2012, the woman was nominated for this award again.

Diamond 2016

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The singer says that Eminem, Snoop Dog, Tupac and other popular rappers made a great influence on her musical career.

Diamond ft Davido – who is better

Davido singer

Davido lyricsare known all over the world. He was born in America in a rich family. His father was a magnate and his mother was a lecturer. Practically all ways were open for Davido. But he has chosen to be a singer.

Davido singer

In his 23, he has managed to achieve already a great success in music. Davido is not only a singer at the moment. He is also a producer of many famous artists. The singer made a contract with Sony music in 2016. Now he claims to be one of the best rappers in the world. His every new video collects more than million views every time.

Davido better and more famous?

Davido musicis a mix of various genres. Recently he has released a new album, which has made him a face of Rolling Stone magazine. He is famous both in Nigeria and in the USA. The rapper is included in top-20 of the richest singers in Nigeria. His net worth is about N2.9 billion.

Davido more famous?

Generally, this performer is popular in many meanings. Many people heard for sure about his magnificent way of life and great success in musical career. Davido is also famous with duets with other singers. Diamond didn't become an exception.

So who is better?

Of course, it is difficult to argue that Davido is more well-known, than Diamond. But it doesn't mean that the girl is worse than the singer. We are sure that brilliant star life also waits for her. For now, we advise you to enjoy their remarkable duet and to keep track on their good music.

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