Did Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie brake up?

Justin Bieber broke up with Sofia Richie! What is the reason of the end of their affair? Why did Justin Bieber break up with Selena Gomez? Find out all the secrets of Justin’s private life!

Justin Bieber

The relationship with the girl, because of which Justin Bieber made a huge public squabble with his ex, Selena Gomez, in Instagram and deleted (or close) his account, ended in parting. 22-year-old pop singer and beautiful 17-year-old model and sister of famous Nicole Richie named Sophia parted ways after six weeks of cute romantic relationship with Justin Bieber. The journalists found it out from the insiders.

Recently, the young men inseparable and generously shared their photos with followers in Instagram. Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie pictures were on top of a lot of magazines around the world. Sofia even had time to tell people that she was Justin Bieber girlfriend in an interview with Billboard magazine.

justin bieber and sofia richie

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The sources from the entourage of the singer claimed that he was not ready for a serious relationship. ‘The girls go crazy for him, and he does not calm down. Now he is not ready for deep feelings’, - told one of the insiders. Recall, the reason for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breaking up were permanent betrayals of the man. In mid-August, the former couple squabbled in Instagram after Justin Bieber had posted a few photos of Sofia Ricci.

 bieber and richie

Fans criticized him for it in their comments. A little bit after, Selena also wrote a comment on the page of her ex-boyfriend, siding with his fans.

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