Did Ludacris go to college?

Ludacris (Christopher Brian Bridges) is an American rapper, actor and businessman, one of the founders of a music record label "2Disturbing tha Peace". He is holder of the Awards such as "Critic''s Choice", "MTV" and "the Grammy Awards".

He is known for his roles in the films such as drama “Crash” (2004), “Gamer” (2009), a romantic Comedy by Garry Marshall “New Year’s Eve”, and so on.

Ludacris was born on 11 of September in1977 in Champaign, Illinois.

After his birth his family moved to Chicago. Here Christopher entered to the Emerson Middle School. The boy was the only child in his family.

His first rap song Christopher wrote at the age of nine years. It happened after his family moved to Atlanta.

Then, three years later, Christopher joined an Amateur rap group. Until 1996 he studied in Banneker High School, and in the period of 1998-1999 he attended the University of Georgia, where Ludacris studied music management.

After graduation Ludacris got a job directly related to a favorite pastime. Firstly, he got a job at the radio station "Atlanta's Hot 97.5", which later changed its name to "Hot 107.9". Soon the talented youngster was promoted and became a DJ.

For the first time he was known under the name "Chris Lova Lova". In the same period, he made a successful attempt of collaboration with Timberland. They recorded the track "Phat Rabbit", which in 1998 was included in the album "Tim's Bio: Life from da a basment of". The song became a hit in many countries around the world.

In early music career, Ludacris collaborated with Dallas Austin and Jermaine Dupree. In the autumn of 2000 he released his debut album "Back For The First Time". This album was on the top of the charts.

A year later Ludacris introduced his second album "Word of Mouf".

In parallel with the first success in the music field, the Ludacris debuted in the film industry.

There are some films which Ludacris starred in.

  •   Fast and Furious 8 (2017) stars as Tej Parker
  •   Run Like the Devil (2016) stars as Willie Brown
  •   Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow (2015) stars as Narrator
  •   Rising Star (2014) TV stars as Himself - Judge
  •   Fast and Furious 6 (2013) stars as Tej Parker
  •   New Year's Eve (2011) stars as Brendan
  •   Breakaway (2011)
  •   Fast Five (2011) stars as Tej Parker
  •   Gamer (2009) stars as Humanz Brother
  •   Ball Don't Lie (2009) stars as Julius
  •   Max Payne (2008) stars as Jim Bravura
  •   RocknRolla (2008) stars as Roman
  •   Fred Claus (2007) stars as Angry Elf
  •   Hustle & Flow (2005) stars as Skinny Black
  •   Crash (2004) stars as Anthony
  •   2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) stars as Tej
  •   The Wash (2001) stars as Customer


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