Did Nollywood Actor Hanks Anuku infect his wife with HIV intentionally?

Did you hear that Hank Anuku infected his wife with HIV? Read the truth in our article.

Hanks Anuku

Everybody knows famous and beloved by many people Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku. He is mostly known for roles of criminals in many Nollywood blockbusters. Not so long ago the world was shocked by the news about him.

He travelled to Zambia for six months, enjoying his life, moving from place to place and having promiscuous sexual contacts with different women. He had sex with more than 80 women while his wife and two children were waiting for him at home. After his coming back he didn`t take care of them, he started drinking a lot and became indifferent and careless husband and father.

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Hanks said that he knew that he could be HIV positive but still infected his wife. He was tested in Zambia after one of his pregnant partners said that she got tested and her results were positive. Then woman strictly advised Anuku to have an HIV test. After he found out the results he decided to keep the truth in secret and after his returning home infected wife.

Hanks Anuku

He said that he regrets a lot about his actions. But after the straight talk, everything was fine. Later he admitted that he misused his fame, he turned the wrong way. And only after his newly birth as a Christian he felt comfortable and satisfied with his life.

Later actor said everything is false and there is no word of truth in story, told by ill-willers to besmirch him and his family members. He was very angry about that information spread in many newspapers and Internet resources. He could not even imagine who would invent such disgusting stories about the person who did not offend anyone.

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