Did Omini threaten to leak actress Grace Amarachi's lesbian sextape?

What do you think? Is she another victim of sex video or is it just a trend and the idea for the self-promotion. Read this article! Suddenly, will be a new sex video again, but this time with another famous girl. Well, let's see what Ogbuji Amarachi Grace says about Omini Aho =)

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi & Omini Aho

Have you heard about the new sex scandal? Ogbuji Amarachi Grace had taken the Instagram, to expose a Nigerian man who she says is threatening to make public her sex tape. The actress and radio host says that the lesbian sex video was recorded six years ago. But exactly now, a man named Omini Aho, a friend of the girl who recorded the clip, contacted her this September.

“All of a sudden he popped up this year, calling, asking to see me, saying he’s got a job for me and all that, asking to see me, fixed a date and all that which I didn’t turn up to anyways,”

Ms. Amarachi says, adding, “when he saw his plans to have me wasn’t working he decided to threaten me with the video which happened like way back 6years ago. How he got the video, I don’t know? If he actually does have the video, I don’t know either!”

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi

Ms. Amarachi argues that she wants to be more prudent and take a proactive stance in this situation. Because at any moment, Aho can carry out his threat and ruin her life.

“Am I scared? YES! Did I make a mistake? YES, I did made a nasty mistake!! Have I moved on, YES I have!!!” The actress continues.

“I don’t want to be another Chidinma Okeke,” she said, noting the viral story of the beleaguered former Miss Anambra, adding, “Seeing Chidinma Okeke case I have no other choice but to voice out now. Am not going to lie or claim it was photoshopped, I did something stupid and am way over it and have moved on, but just incase one day something pops up, its all in the past!”

Read Ogbuji Grace Amarachi’s full story:

sex scandal

Have you heard about the new sex scandal?

Have you heard about the new sex scandal?

But soon actress deleted this post. Grace Amarachi apologized to the comedian Omini Aho refuting that he was trying to blackmail her, exposing lesbian sex video she has been involved for many years ago. She claimed that it was a misconception. And see for yourself that she wrote!

My last 10 hours

1. I want to start by appreciating the intervention of my mentors and well wishers about the story I put out earlier.

2. I also want to apologies to City FM for being dragged into the matter because I never said I am a staff of that radio station so that information isn't totally correct.

3. I attended a mediation meeting with Omini in which our exchange of messages was analyzed and where he said the video he talked about had nothing to do with nudes but a skit he wanted me to feature in(even though it got me wondering why I'd be interested in a skit). It was brought to my knowledge that I must have inferred it was the sex video based on our past interaction. I regret this and apologize to him for any pain my release must have caused him. I also apologize to anyone else hurt by my post. The mediators did show that it was not a case of threat but a miscommunication and misinformation.

4. I have read all sorts of interviews as well twisting the type of content the video was. I stand by what I saw and said but I won't go into further details because it belonged to my past and I know I have been forgiven by God by acting without discretion so I leave the truth about it all to God and the people involved. And I sincerely forgive the trusted friend who shot the video.

5. I want to thank the maturity of the elders that mediated and my mentors and I believe a lot of lessons have been learnt and I will bounce back better from this.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi

TheNews.ng noted, that it now appears that story may have been a lie. This week, Amarachi apologized to Omini Aho and said she had misinterpreted his messages to mean a sex tape when really he was making reference to another video.

She said that she was "scared" that her lesbian porn video can be promulgated, but she believes that the video is no longer there. A woman from a previous relationship that was known as Drea, said it removed the video for a long time, said Amarachi.

Drea also told the Nigerian Bulletin that the sex tape was deleted long ago, and she couldn’t know why Aho would be trying to blackmail Grace Amarachi over the video.

I found a full interview with the former sex partner (it is not a fact!) Grace Amarachi you can read it below:

''There is no sex video at all. There is nothing. What we did was just a couple of girls and guys in the room having fun (orgy) and everybody is just there.

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi

''When we were done with recording ourselves, ok we had fun watching ourselves we deleted the video instantly. I was the person recording the video, I deleted it.

''So there's no way Omini will say he has a video, the same thing I told her' If Omini says he has videos of you he should come out and show us, that's what I told her. If there's any video it's from you, cause even at that particular point in time that we were together in that same party all the guys in that video have traveled abroad. We didn't even know Omini'

''Omini was not in the picture so then how can Omini now say he has a sex video' She said she's shocked oh' 'I now said my sister I don't have anything of yours that's sexual against you and there's nothing like a sex video please try and resolve with Omini'

''At that time my line was buzzing, it was Omini calling me, I said ok fine while you are still on line let me pick Omini's call lets do a conference call together. Omini confront this girl here and now, but that didn't work' the conference call didn't hold due to network issues' But later Omini called me and asked me Drea did you give me any video?, then i asked Omini did i ever ever in my entire life tell you about any sex video?'

''I also munched Omini's chat because this thing later on will spoil my own character, am also a media person, seriously my job is also on the line'. I don't know what's happening, I munched his chats, I didn't reply him because I don't have anything against him, neither do I have anything against Gracia'

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi & Omini Aho

''Haven't spoken to her in 8 years and all of a sudden, this thing happened- if Omini is threatening you first things first where are the messages that Omini sent to you?' She said her phone where the messages were got wiped off, do you know that as I'm talking to you right now Omini is sending her messages that Drea is trying to play her.'

''She didn't show me any of the messages.''

On why Amarachi may have raised alarm over a non-existent sex tape, Drea said, ''That is what I don't know because she's not that kind of girl, she's a good girl. I was on air when Omini called me, after I finished my program I called Omini back. He said they are in the police station and I told him let me be clear and I also recorded my conversation with him 'I don't know anything about any video, me and you never made any video, I did not give you any video or picture, so please leave me out of this'

''They are already spoiling my character because they've tagged me as a lesbian, which I am not, I am engaged'

''And right now my guy is also aware of this thing he's been calling my phone 24/7 asking me what's happening (Sobs) I don't know what's happening, i can't concentrate on my work anymore'

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi

''I have changed, I'm not that kind of party person like before, I have a relationship, I'm pregnant for my fiancé. Am supposed to get married and all these things are coming out?!

It is not clear if the Ogbuji Grace Amarachi lesbian sex tape has ever actually leaked to the internet. Nigerian news outlets have not noted whether there is any video yet of the actress and producer.

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According to Omini, he never even tried to blackmail and claims that all she wanted was just make noise and make herself advertising. Speaking exclusively to LIB, Omini said;

‘I never threatened her with any sex video, she wants to be an actress, i called her for a shoot sometime she didn’t show up and told her i was going to send her the video so she see what she should have been part of’

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi

‘Please i’ll like her to prove me wrong and state if i ever told her anything about sex video’

‘I never had any lesbian sex video talk with her’


‘Her ex lesbian partner is angry at her and told her I have a sex video’ ‘Lol’

‘I have texts where i asked her if i’ve ever told her anything about sex video and she’s not replying to the messages’ ‘I’m currently at the police station in Ojodu area’ ‘Just filed a complaint and arrested her’

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