Did pastor Chris divorce his wife?

Did you hear about the problems in the marriage of pastor Chris, one of the richest and most influential preachers of Nigeria, and his wife? Read the article and find out more information about the divorce of the couple.

Pastor Chris

One of the richest preachers of Nigerian evangelical church, the founder of Christ Embassy, pastor Chris, has divorced his wife, Anita Ebhodaghe, who initiated the divorcement yet in 2014, claiming him for reckless behaviour.

Later there appeared some information that woman alluded to husband's infidelity with other ladies. The process has finished in 2016. Very soon she appeared in public, looking very good and fresh, showing no suffering for her broken spousal.

Actually, anyone who heard the opinion of a clergyman about the role of a woman in the alliance, would not be surprised by such decision of Anita. The man was saying that women should do everything to appease their men. He even said that creation of woman was not planned by God, he was going to create only a man. And a man asked Him to make someone who will support a and help him. Help, but not to be equal. Husband is a master for his wife.

What about his relationship?

Although the couple went through the bust-up of their spousal, he claimed that he is against annulments and the couple should stay together till their deaths, despite any difficulties and conflicts they face. He said that of course no one can forbid the couple to divorce if the situation in their family is horrible, but it is a mistake. And even if they are divorcing it is very bad to take the other person to a court.

His spouse?

Also, he claimed that he is not angry with his former spouse. And said that he blames many tabloids who wrote about him in a negative way, adding that everything written about his bad actions and offences is a complete lie.

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Soon after the divorcement, the preacher crossed all deserts of Anita to their church and deleted her name from the website and from all their common books. We are going to follow the further development of their relations and religious activity.

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