Did Rob Kardashian and pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna break up?

How a family from the American reality show has become the protagonist of the news and earns millions due to its popularity? What is the current state of relations and what is going on between Rob Kardashian and pregnant Blac Chyna?


Kardashian and Jenner - these two names are known to everyone far beyond the United States. One would think why should we care about the heroes of the reality show, which is broadcasted on the US television channel E!. "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" since 2007 is living in American televisions space. However, this is a family, and above all Kim Kardashian dominates the minds on the daily basis.

The world of fashion and beauty is literally obsessed with them: signing with them advertising contracts for millions, they occupy the first place in the fashion shows and kiss on the cheek with Anna Wintour, they have the most lovely kids and coolest selfie. They marry and divorce, change sex and have children, are suing the investment companies and sign contracts for advertising, and every event is a real sensation. What kind of a family it is, in which there is no Nobel Prize or Oscar winner (but there is one Olympic champion) and which turns out to be in the news every day?


The Kardashian family consists of the mother of the family - Kris Jenner, her children from her first marriage (three daughters and a son, Rob, who has recently been trying to keep a low profile), the ex-husband Chris - Bruce Jenner - who last year have changed sex and become a woman named Caitlin Jenner and two daughters, born in wedlock with Chris. However, out of the equation, there are other family members who somehow also make the news. Four children from Bruce first two marriages, husbands and boyfriends daughters - on the periphery of the universe they are called "Kardashian".

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However, the center consists of six women with names starting with the letter "K".


Barely a couple of months has passed since the news of the engagement of Rob Kardashian with pregnant model Blac Chyna appeared, as a member of the scandal family, it seems so, gave a subject about the choice of his life the second thought.

During the filming of a new reality show there was a scandal between lovers, and now the marriage is under the big question.


Nothing boded troubles: in honor of the engagement a young man gave his beloved a ring with a 7-carat diamond and Lamborghini Huracan for 200 thousand dollars. The couple regularly published in their social networks together shots that looked happy and in love.

Journalists have already noticed that the young man unsubscribed from the bride in social networks, and removed all their pictures together. None of the parties to the conflict did give official comments. Nevertheless, the British press reported that Rob Kardashian has called his ex-lover "abnormal bitch" and told that she scratched his face with blood. The reality star posted a translation in Snapchat, where the camera shows his injured arm.

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