Did The Game really sleep with these 3 members of Kardashian family?

Did The Game really sleep with all the three Kardashians? Check out the latest news about it!

kardashian and the game

Casion Taylor known as The Game, performed on The Wendy Williams Show to promote his new album “1992”.

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While he was talking about the album and music, the conversation, imperceptibly turned in another direction – about his personal life. And then it's time for mind-blowing sensations. The rapper had mentioned three stars from a reality show, and he claimed that he slept with them three.

kardashian and the game

After Taylor had told that one of his songs contains a reference to the fact that he slept with three Kardashian, he was asked what exactly he meant and whom from the Royal family of show business. The rapper sighed, after a question about Chloe, and said, "Sometimes, you know, just happens to be that evening and it's late, and we're all human...". He also denies the relationship with Courtney, but would not deny history with Kim, though, he doesn’t want to hurt his friend Kanye West and doesn't want to break that family.

kardashian and the game

Taylor attempts to respect the privacy of the woman who is married to his best friend are clearly failed.

On September 16 he had already published a selfie with Nicki Minaj in Instagram. The rapper took this photograph, although everyone knows about his feud with boyfriend Nicky, Mick Mill.

kardashian and the game

While he is reluctantly playing on the audience the Wendy game "guess who," he opened the third name of Kardashians, with whom he slept – it is the future Kardashian – Rob's girlfriend, Black China. "I'm a nice guy, they are good people, and that's love," said the rapper in a TV show.

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