Did you know that the Sexiest Man in the world lives in Kenya? Check out his photos

Do you know how the sexiest man in the world is? You don’t even imagine that it is Kenyan rapper. Read this article to check out his photos!


Kenyan rapper, Delayoh Cheddas proclaimed himself “The sexiest man in the world” and posted these photos with some captions. There are more photos of him, check them out.

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There are more photos of him, check them out.

He posted these photos on his Facebook and made a big scandal around them. Every one speak about it and, frankly, people are shocked. Of course, there are supporters and opponents, who comment his post.

The rapper insists that he’s hotter than “your b*tch! LMAO… Thanks goodness your “bitch” is a dog.”

There are more photos of him, check them out.

He also says that he is sexier that any woman in the world. He also gave some interviews, explaining his actions.

And what do you think about Delayoh? Would you name him “ the sexiest man”? Tell us your opinion!

Delayoh Cheddas is the Kenyan rapper, who recently posted his naked photos, declaring himself “the sexiest man in the world”.

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