Did you watch new Banky W - GIDI LOVE music video?

Do you want to watch Banky W ‘Gidi Love’ music video right now? Can this video become the best of the year? Why critics do not like it? Find music video and photos from it here!

Gidi Love

Banky W, who is indeed Olubankole Wellington, is a 35 years old performer well-known in Nigeria. His hits always become leaders of the chats. Banky W songs are always on the top of different ratings. His new song ‘Gidi Love’ was no exception. Fans fell in love with it right in the moment it appeared. So when Banky W created a new music video on this song, fans were very excited. Have you already seen it? The video is in the end of the article!

banky w song

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People have different opinions according to the singer’s music video. A lot of fans loved it, but some of them not. One critic said: ‘The song is not very good in general. The voice is so processed that it is awfully hard to listen to it. It cannot be called a hit. It is an ordinary pop song, but not more. Nothing stands out. As for the music video, it is very boring. Singer dances worse than my 80 years old grandmother. There is nothing interesting (except beautiful girls). There is no meaning or the story at all. A singer just tells something in a courtroom and twitches a little bit. That’s all I can say about this new music video’.

banky w gidi love

And what do you think? Do you like new Banky W ‘Gidi Love’ music video? Check it out right now!

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