Do you know all the Nigeria hottest celebrity couples and marraiges 2015?

Love Nigerian celebrities? Find out who are the hottest couples for Nija in 2015.

Nigeria is blessed with many talented and hot celebrities. Who are the hottest celebrity couples for 2015? Let’s get the rating of them now!
all the Nigeria hottest celebrity marraiges 2015?

  1. Tonto Dikeh and Oladunni Churchill
    Tonto Dikeh and Oladunni Churchill

    The year 2015 has become very special for Tonto Dikeh. This gorgeous, sexy and spicy Nigerian actress got married on August 30.
    Nigeria hottest celebrity couples 1
    Earlier she has stated that he is her true love. Both families are happy about them getting together and entering an official marriage. This beautiful couple is really the ornament of Nigerian celebrity community.
  2. Peter Okoye & Lola Omotayo
    Peter Okoye & Lola Omotayo
    Have you thought she is still his baby mama? Well, this year she has finally become his lawful wife for two years and together they have two kids.
    Nigeria hottest celebrity couples
    They are still together and their older child has just turned seven. The couple makes it hard to look away, when they are together and Peter admits that his marriage has this far changed him for better.

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  3. Joseph and Adaeze Yobo
    Nigeria hottest celebrity couples and marraiges 2015
    No wonder this couple looks good, as Adaeze Yobo is the former beauty queen of Nigeria. Their life together has not been perfect and had some difficulties to offer.
    Joseph and Adaeze Yobo
    Still they have made it through and have two great kids.
  4. Bez Idakula and Bolatito Ladoja
    Nigeria hottest celebrity couples
    Did you know that Bez Idakula and Bolatito Ladoja would selebrate their second wedding anniversary soon? Well, this couple got married in January of 2014.
    Bez Idakula and Bolatito Ladoja
    They have stayed together and remained young and good looking despite the loss of their firstborn baby.
  5. Nwankwo and Amarachi Kanu
     hottest celebrity couples and marraiges 2015
    This couple has stayed together for some years and amazing Amarachi has not lost a bit of her beauty and curves. This football player surely got lucky to have such a sporty and good looking wife.
    Nwankwo and Amarachi Kanu
    Together they make the way up the list of the best looking Nigerian celeb couples and spouses.

It’s hard not to enjoy their beauty and fame. These couples are hot and they keep us being interested in their lives, adventures and events. 

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Hard to deny love looking at their happy faces. Young couples who went through long difficult road that had rough tests on loyalty and strength it's a living proof of an unbreakable steady love. Those things inspire. I have heard about Tonto and Amarachi only, the rest of people i just got to meet by reading this. The key to blessings are love to God. He'll give prosperity in all existing spheres of life, success, good woman/man and bright future after marriage. May the life they share together last long with maximum happiness. I sincerely glad for each new couple that got meet in 2015. In my future plans i see me married on my girlfriend Amber, she is Afro-American girl.

Answered 2 years ago.
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