Do you know world celebrities whose plastic surgery gone wrong?

The plastic surgery fails happen. Real mistakes of surgeons! You’ll be certainly amazed and maybe even shocked with these pictures! You’ll find all the surgery before and after pics here!

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The plastic surgery fails are the cases when a mistake occurs during a surgery. A lot of people have gone through such a traumatic experience, even the celebrities. You’ll be certainly amazed and maybe even shocked with these plastic surgery before and after pics.

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Plastic surgery exists for people, who dream to improve their 'old' appearance. But you cannot be sure that the surgery will give the desired result. The plastic surgery is much closer to art, but no to the health care surgeries and also its effectiveness is quite controversial. So it includes different procedures such as facelifts, liposuction, lip augmentation, breast implants and so on. Men and women are more likely to visit a doctor to look the way they dream. There are hundreds of examples of plastic surgery nightmares, 'washing up' in the media, especially in the case of celebrities’ surgeries. A lot of people can't get why even celebrities cannot look like they dream to, spending hundreds of dollars on plastic surgery and having the chance to go to the best doctors. But even the best plastic surgeons cannot guarantee the whole absence of the complications.

What leads to the plastic surgery disasters

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Unsuccessful plastic surgery may become the result of different aspects, including the surgeon's negligence, misunderstanding or even lack of experience of the doctor, the use of outdated technology or just bad luck. The consequences of plastic surgery always depend on how fast the patient recovers after surgery. A lot of people have the external or internal scars, which lead to the tissue damage. Some fails of plastic surgery may be associated with the high expectations of patients and their penchant for experiments. And negative consequences may appear because of the strong changes, such as a huge facelift.

What are the consequences?

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The results of a terrible plastic surgery can be awful. It can appear in different forms, especially in the case of surgeries on the face when the consequences are visible. As a result of a failed surgery, instead of the perfect beauty of a patient, he may look strange and really deformed. Operation of the face, for example, facelifts failure may lead to loss of sensitivity due to nerve damage.

Other results of failed plastic surgery can be: scarring, infection, paralysis, deformity, excessive blood loss. A patient may also get the psychological disorders as well as this experience can be very traumatic and cause deep depression. Sometimes the patient needs to go through another surgery to get rid of the mistakes of the first one.

How to reduce the consequences of failed plastic surgery

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Though it is impossible to get the total absence of side effects and complications of plastic surgery, it is always possible to minimize all the risks. You can get a lot of information about the surgery and the probable complications before going to the surgery. Find out everything about the doctor, who will perform the surgery and don’t forget to check up the certification. All the questions and ideas relating to the operation should be frankly talked about with your surgeon. Talk about what you wait from the surgery and ask the surgeon's advice. Discuss all the complications and side effects in details, tell your whole medical history. Don't forget, it is also very important to get ready for all possible difficulties before starting the procedure. It will also help you to recover much faster and avoid the disasters. Finally, try to make your expectations minimal and realistic. Be sure to follow and not forget all the pre and postoperative recommendations.

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A lot of the fails of plastic surgery can certainly be corrected with the corrective surgery. Plenty of people, who had successful plastic surgery, want to have more surgeries. But they usually are not as good and successful. Go to the plastic surgeon only when it is really needed, because the natural beauty is certainly much better than any surgical nightmares.

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