Do you know world celebrities whose plastic surgery gone wrong?

Who of celebrities has made plastic operations on breast, which gone wrong? How many operations did Donatella Versace make? Read the article to learn more facts about it.

surgery disasters

Many stars address help of plastic surgeons, but not everyone manage to do it so that to look fantastically after visit of expert. Some celebrities after operation look worse, than before it. Especially for you we made the list of plastic surgery disasters.

Uma Thurman

The list of plastic surgery fails opens Uma Thurman. Emergence at a premiere of series in New York for Uma Thurman became fatal. Pictures taken on this event began to be used as proof of hearing that the actress made plastic surgery for return in youth. Note that lines of her face have lost vivacity, smile became unnatural, and eyes are considerably narrowed. Friends of star say that there wasn't any plastic operation. The makeup artist working with the actress declares that she began to look not like in past because of experiments with make-up. According to them, Uma only has ceased to use cosmetics in large number. The actress hasn't reacted to statements about her 'new personality' anyway.

plastic surgery fails

Donatella Versace

One more plastic surgery gone wrong story is about Donatella Versace. Donatella conceived liking for plastic surgeries after she has headed Versace Fashion house. The effective blonde, despite rigid, not maiden character, was full of complexes about her appearance. When the whole world has looked at her person, she decided to reduce several years with circular face lifting. But the first operation was followed by others. Harmful dependence has led to the fact that today 59-year-old Donatella Versace heads not only lists of the most successful women and influential fashion designers in the world, but also the most terrible celebrities in look. The designer admitted in one of interview: 'I needed too much time to realize – real beauty is not outside, but inside'.

plastic surgery gone wrong

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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has overcome operation on correction of shape of nose, and then has increased a breast. First, she was happy with new bust, but gradually the breast has changed a form and was deformed, and skin has sagged.

Plastic surgery nightmares

Janice Dickinson

Plastic surgery nightmares list is continued by Janice Dickinson. Millions girls worldwide dream of career like Dickinson has. The girl from dysfunctional family becomes a muse of the most popular designers, is shown on the 37 covers of Vogue, signs advertising contracts, has romantic relations with the most enviable men — Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone and Jack Nicholson. Having such saturated youth, there is no wish to say goodbye to it at all. Therefore, since early years Janice has begun to visit plastic surgeons that have given to her appearance unnatural look. Dickinson, who continues to be engaged in model business as the agent, doesn't deny her addictions. 'My dope is sex and plastic surgeries, and I don't see anything bad in it' — Janice has declared in her show.

plastic surgery before and after

Lil Kim

Lil Kim remade a lot of parts of her body – nose, breast, and lips. But this set, standard for show business, would be not so interesting if there were no reasons: 'All my life men said to me that I am insufficiently beautiful – even those who date me. They always humiliated me as my father. Still when someone declares that I am pretty, I don't trust'. Since early years, the girl has begun to remake her appearance and changed to unrecognizability. Extensions on breast of 25-year-old Kim in 1999 speak about the reduced turgor of skin. With such turgor, it is simple to get roughness after liposuction. Lil Kim has also spent many years with hems on nose. The first operation was made at the beginning of 2000th and has passed quite successfully. But the girl had relations with drug dealer who beat her. He has broken her nose, restoration of which has led to the hems. If to look at plastic surgery before and after, you won’t recognize an actress.

plastic surgery before and after 1

La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson made the first plastic surgery in the eighties. As well as her famous brother, she changed size and shape of chin, increased cheekbones by means of implants, has undergone several operations on bleaching of skin. The celebrity addressed to rhinoplasty repeatedly: point of tip of nose, narrowing of nasal partition. It is not whole list of plastic surgeries of celebrity. She often uses beauty injections, did correction of eyelids, face-lifting, and increased a breast.

One of the last plastic surgeries was correction of shape of lips, but it has badly affected a smile of star, which became similar to smile of Joker from Batman movie.

Eventually La Toya Jackson became almost unrecognizable: from the nice black young girl she has turned into the hostage of plastic surgery.

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