Does Banky W have cancer?

Have you heard something about the awful news regarding Banky W? Banky W has fatal cancer. Perhaps, these are rumors or someone lied. Let's deal with this situation.

banky w cancer

Although in the Nigerian entertainment scene, Banky W does not require representation, we remind you that he is a singer, songwriter, rapper and now a budding filmmaker. Popular singer and CEO of Empire Mate Entertainment (EME) Banky W represents the new face of the Nigerian entertainment industry - no doubt, and I think many of us are quickly carried away with his image on stage. Banky W life is an open book for the past five years, but is everything so transparent as it seems?

However, it might be interesting for you to know that the ‘Lagos Party’ crooner has had his big share of woes and misfortunes. In 2012, some of which were revealed in the new edition of Y! Magazine . Who would have thought that sex-symbol, funloving, R&B singer - talented singer Banky W had one time battled cancer. During his undergraduate days, Banky discovered a cancerous tumour in his shoulder which was removed.

banky w

In 2012, he gave an interview to the well-known Y! magazine. The new issue of Y! was out and features cover interview with singer and entrepreneur Banky W. Banky W spoke exclusively and candidly about his battle with cancer, his activism, and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

"...when I was about to be operated on by a doctor, he canceled while I was right there on the operating table because he was nervous about how far it had spread and if he was expert enough to deal with it. I think that's when it set in on how serious it was because we then had to go from one referral to another, trying to find the specialist who could operate on this particular strain of cancerous tumors. It was arguable the scariest time of my life. "

banky w biography

Singer and entrepreneur Banky W covers the hot new edition of Y! Magazine – the ‘Power to the People’ issue that profiles the energy, passions, and activism of young Nigerians over the past few months. You can read more about this by getting the July edition of Y! Magazine, which contains the full interview.

Here's what can be found online from loyal fans of Banky W, who began to understand something and ask questions:

"It doesn't really specify here the exact time he had this problem. I guess he went into full remission from the chemotherapy, or whatever way his cancer was treated, or else he wouldn't be speaking on it in past tense. If that's the case, I think that's great, cos I would hate to hear about him passing in the near future or anything like that. "

banky w news

"I know the side-effects of Chemotherapy is "hair-loss," and I am starting to think maybe that's why Banky always wears one form of head gear or the other in public. All that aside, he is a young talented Nigerian artist, and has contributed immensely to the Nigerian music industry...I wish him all the best."

Who says Cancer isn't beatable? And you should not be upset because we have good news for you! Despite the alarming cancer mortality statistics, many people were able to overcome this terrible disease. According to Cancer Research UK, Cancer is one of the highest diseases that leads to death in the world. In 2012, no less than 8.2 million people died from Cancer. But in spite of this terrifying statistics, Banky W was able to cope with it! However, the cancerous tumour made a reappearance several years down the line. Luckily for him, though, it was detected early enough, and he underwent a second operation. Yeeep! Today, Banky is Cancer-free.

"Nowadays, millions of Naira richer and can be found making female hearts run aflutter on stages across the world" – wrote some media online about super celebrities recovery.

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The tragic events in life make a person return to native home, even if that person is a famous star. Soon, he told in an interview with NET, how he plans to spend the most of January 2013 on holiday with his family in Washington D.C, U.S after a working his butt off with his EME last year.

Watch Banky W’s Superstar Story below!

What do you know about Banky W biography? Wikipedia says that Olubankole Wellington was born on 27 March 1981. He known under the stage name Banky W, and credited in the film as Banky Wellington, is a Nigerian singer, rapper, and actor.He and Sasha P were the first official ambassadors of Samsung electronics in Nigeria. He is also a brand ambassador for Ciroc ultra-premium vodka.

A day after Valentine of 2013, he launched his new album "R&BW" with a concert tagged the "The Grand Love Concert" at the Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos, which featured several other artistes including Iyanya, Waje and more. The first two singles from the album are "Lowkey" and "Yes/No."

banky w about his story

Some of the resources on the Internet say about this man and his life very accurately and correctly. I believe that after reading this article, you will understand clearly who is Banky W. Bankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W. has come to make a difference with his music. His My Regret crafted an intimate song that tugs on every last string of your heart and pulls out every last tear from your eyes.

With Capable, he transports you to an island off the coast of Africa. With You Really Don't Know Me he paints the picture of a young man, who despite all you've seen, is still shrouded in mystery, hardcore, pain, darkness, etc.

banky w magazine

Here lies a young man who is reflective of us all. Far from claiming that he is the best thing, his music tells us a much real story. The same story that if you looked close enough, you would see in the mirror. It's about the joys of falling in love, the insecurity of being unsure about it, and the pain of heartbreak. It's about the risk of disappointing those closest to you, and worse, disappointing yourself. According to him, my music is about “making life and love work. It's about screwing up. It's about repentance and redemption. It's about finding peace. It's about “wilding out.”

Sometimes doing things you know you're not supposed to do. It's not just about getting there; it's about the journey” he said.

Born in America to Nigerian parents and spending his growing years in Africa, Banky learned to appreciate both the beauty and the sorrows of living in the motherland; where somehow, believing in God helped him survive his life's struggles.

Banky W

According to him “I woke up to the barrel of a gun of armed robbers at the age of 15. I fought through two surgeries on cancerous tumors in the same shoulder before the age of 23, and still earned an Engineering degree from one of the most prestigious schools in the USA,” said Banky.

For Banky, in a twist of the words spoken by his favorite artist, Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter, “life is never but a beach chair.”

Singer, songwriter, producer, entertainer, and all around renaissance man, Banky W is the consummate artist. His songs tell the story of his life, as-is, raw and uncut. Whether that means struggling to get through college via numerous jobs, scholarships, and loans, or struggling to get the attention of a fickle music industry. Whether it's about love, joy, pain, money, hustling, music… it's all real, and it's all Banky W.

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banky w

His music and his life story have catapulted him into the spotlight; with an ever-growing and larger-than-life presence on the internet. Banky has won numerous awards including the Urban Independent Music Award for R&B/Soul, The Nigerian Entertainment Award, and the highly coveted John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize in the R&B category. He's been featured on AOL, Fox TV, and he has appeared in a wide variety of print media, radio stations and a plethora of websites. His myspace page (www.myspace.com/banky) shows him being on the pace to one million song plays.


Through his music, blogs, and lifestyle, Banky has managed to independently connect on a personal level with fans, establishing a cult-like following of thousands of listeners across the globe.

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