Does Davido's ex-girlfriend Sira Kante still love him?

Did Davido and Sira Kante actually break up? Don’t they still have feelings for each other? This article will help you find out what is really going on there.

Davido and Sira Kante

After the breakup of a famous couple the rumors wouldn’t have stopped. However, it looks like Davido and Sira Kante still have feelings for each other. There is a reason to state that.

First of all, there have been some updates on the Instagram profile of the Guinean model. The girl posted a video of her singing the song of her ex-boyfriend during his concert in the United States.

She also wrote a really intriguing caption stating that even though they are not actually a couple anymore she will always love him and support him.

She thinks he is a really good person and a kind friend who would also always help her no matter what.

The couple’s breakup occurred last year after Davido became a father. There were some periods of time when they would come back together but their relationship didn’t last really long anyway.

But a few months ago the celebrity threw a party where he wanted to celebrate his new contract with Sony Music. This summer he also became successful in signing another contract with RCA Records.

Therefore, he is getting closer to achieving his dreams and becoming more of a professional musician. That’s where Sira and Davido met again.

RCA actually belongs to the Sony Music Entertainment. This company works with a huge amount of singers who perform different styles of music. It can be anything – rock, pop or jazz.

A lot of celebrities also work for this label.

Davido and Sira Kante

Davido and Sira Kante love story

It all started last spring when Davido fell in love with a gorgeous young model from Guinea who was 19 back then. He expressed his feelings very open and his fans were sure that it was true love.

The photos of them together were all over his profiles in all the social networks. He made everyone believe that he was deeply in love.

But their relationship didn’t last that long – it only lasted a few months in 2015. The reason for that is that he became a father but the baby wasn’t Sira’s.

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The fact that he has a child from another woman made their relationship worse and they couldn’t trust each other that well anymore. The tensions between two celebrities provoked the breakup.

However, it’s not that simple because even after they stopped dating they still loved each other. It might be shocking but both of them admit that the feelings didn’t vanish.

After a year of constant conflicts they are still back together! They actually don’t hide it so you can check out their Instagram accounts.

How it all started

When they first met they were crazy in love. The whole world was aware of their love affairs and they had no intention to hide it.

Davido and Sira Kante

The social media would always capture them together and they weren’t ashamed of it. Their love story is actually very romantic and touching. The model from Guinea would always tell the journalists how it started.

First of all, they met when she was 19. Sira was participating in the filming of Davido’s music video. He noticed her and it was a love from the first sight. He started talking to her and he wanted to know her better.

That’s why he asked her phone number and she agreed. After that it was short after they started dating.

At first they didn’t want the public to know the fact that they are together because they wanted to know each other better first and then announce their relationship status to the public.

Sira Kante is a Guinean model who has graduated only 2 years ago. She isn’t the only child and her sister is twenty two years old.

Davido also really likes her sister so he even made a huge surprise for her birthday. They are really good friends and they are supporting each other.

Boasting about wealth

According to some sources, Davido’s fortune is quite big. Some of his fans have heard him talking about it constantly. He definitely wants to show off and let everyone know that he is very rich.

In his interviews he states that there is no reason to hide or deny it. The celebrity thinks that it’s absolutely okay because he earned it himself and he might also be a good inspiration for others.

Davido and Sira Kante

He would always post some luxurious places he visits or lives in.

However, not all of his fans approve such kind of behaviour. His Instagram and other social networks are full of  the photos of his expensive possessions. It can be everything from cars to apartments.

The negative reaction from the public is explainable. People usually don’t like those who boast about being wealthier than the others.

However, Davido thinks that he has a full right to do it because it is what he earned himself and it reminds him of hard work he has to do every day to be able to afford all of it.

He says that he doesn’t mean to hurt someone’s feelings or show that he is better than others. He is just trying to be honest with the public by showing how much he actually gets for his job.

He says that he works for Africa and he is being patriotic. He doesn’t have any bad intentions.

He says that he has a right to have a good and luxurious life because he has been working hard to become who he is now.

That’s why he asks his fans not to judge him but maybe to understand and try to follow his example.

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