Does Genevieve Nnaji have a daughter?

For a long time, we’ve been following famous Nigerian actress and Nollywood celebrity, Genevieve Nnaji. What is her life like? What secrets does she have? We have something interesting to share.

Genevieve's daughter

Apparently, Genevieve is an experienced young lady who has been through good and bad. Only recently, Genevieve decided to talk about the moment in the past when her whole world crashed down. At the age of 17, she found out that she was pregnant.

Genevieve says that her Catholic mother discovered her pregnancy only in the seventh month. Even Genevieve herself didn’t know anything until she was in her fourth month. The actress assures that she was very careful in her relationships and she has no idea how she could possibly get pregnant. Her parents were furious because their daughter brought the shame on the family and her father even threatened her. However, they were against abortion.

Beautiful Nnaji

Genevieve had to finally realize that she had a child inside of her when she first went to the doctor. She saw in on the ultrasound, and that was when she understood that she was becoming a mother. However, she still thought of her child like of some disease… She was very hard on herself and blamed herself very much. She knew that her parents were disappointed, but she was even more disappointed herself.

Genevieve mentioned that the termination of pregnancy wasn’t an option because she discovered that she was pregnant too late. There was nothing she could do. She wouldn’t do it anyway because her family is Catholic and they are against abortions. She mentions that her father said, “Only God knows why this child came into this world.” Genevieve gave birth to the child, and she is happy that she did.

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Genevieve addresses all the young girls and recommends not to have pre-marital sex. Having a baby at a young age will change your life in the way you don’t expect.

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