Does Mary J Blige file for divorse?

Is it true that Mary J Blige and Martin Isaac are getting a divorce? What is the reason? Find out here!

Mary J Blige and Isaacs

Singer Mary J Blige filed for divorce to end her marriage to manager and producer, Martin “Kendu” Isaac. The couple married in 2003, so they are together for already 12 years. They don’t have any children.

Why did it happen?

Mary J Blige said that the reason for the divorce is irreconcilable differences between her and her former husband. The documents, which Blige filed on Thursday, do not specify when they exactly split. Also, according to documents, the prenup was not signed by the couple.

Interesting to know, that Blige asked a judge not to give Isaacs spousal support. Mary J Blige’s net worth equals to ten million dollars.  Representatives of Isaacs and Blige haven’t commented the situation yet.

Mary J Blige and Isaacs love

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Irreconcilable differences

In a 2014 year’s interview, Blige told that she would not let Isaac have female friends. She makes sure that he doesn’t have female friend because she is convinced that she must have only female friends and her husband only male. Probably, her husband has a different point of view, and this difference caused their a divorce?

Mary J Blige and Isaacs divorce

Also, Blige thinks that partners must respect each other’s space and desires.

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