Does Peter Okoye benefit from the P Square break up? – He certainly gets richer

How did Peter Okoye benefit from the P Square break up? Learn the news now.

Financial benefits of a P Square

There has been much buzz about the famous Nigerian musical duet break up. P Square was a unique unit, as it consisted of twin brothers Paul and Peter Okoye. They broke up, got back and broke up again. Does Peter Okoye greatly benefits from his solo career?

Financial benefits of a P Square break up for Peter Okoye

The twins had many reasons to break and many of them to stay together. However, the separated and started each their own solo careers. They have also founded their record labels. It is reported that their family connections did not suffer from their professional break up.

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 benefits of a P Square

However, Peter Okoye seems to benefit a lot from the P Square separation. He got the amazing endorsement deal from a car company. Such news was announced on his Instagram page. June 15 he became the brand ambassador for KIA Motors.

He admits that God has blessed him beyond what he expected and what he deserves. He also successfully renewed his deal with the Olympic milk. So, Peter is doing a bit better than Paul financially. Hopefully, in the future, the brothers won’t have another serious reason to quarrel and disturb the peace in their family!

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