Does Rihanna have a daughter?

We all love Rihanna and know her songs by heart. Is she going to stop her career because she has a daughter now?

Rihanna and her child

This time, 28-year-old singer Rihanna completely hit her fans off. On her Twitter, she didn't post images of her countless photo shoots and constant partying. Instead, it was a picture of a little black girl about three years old. Under the post was the caption: "My foster daughter".

However, the name of the girl and who she is, still remains a mystery. Rihanna doesn't give any comments.

Rihanna in the pool

Most likely, this is another Riri's joke. A few days ago she was vacationing on a yacht in the Mediterranean in the company of her friends. In addition, each American social workers knows that Rihanna likes to relax in a noisy company at various get-togethers, sometimes using too much alcohol.

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Hardly anyone will trust her the custody of the little girl. Many people even believe that she herself needs looking after. The girl in the picture is perhaps the child of her friends.

Little girl

By the way, in may, Monica Fenty, Rihanna's mother, has decided to follow up her 28-year-old daughter. She was fundamentally unsatisfied with the behavior of Rihanna in society. Besides, according to mom, the daily visits to nightclubs and discos don't lead to success.

Rihanna's pic

The last straw for the mother was the publication of a provocative new images from another night club tweeted by Rihanna. Monica immediately called her daughter and said that she's going to move in with her to constantly control Rihanna. The singer has not yet decided whether to be glad or upset: on one side, her free way of life came to an end, and on the other - now her mom will keep house and cook dinners.


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