Does Rihanna have a twin?

Most people say Rihanna has a twin! Do you hear something about it? Who is this girl? How does she look? Find answers in this article!

Rihanna`s twin

A 22-year-old student from Boston is picking up for looking like pop star Rihanna. Andele Lara is always drawn closer by shouting fans mixing up her for the Barbadian artist. Accordingly, she is thinking about a full-time profession as a Rihanna twin.

Andele is Rihanna`s lookalite

"Every minute I go out anywhere, everybody begins gazing and whispering before I get surrendered by outsiders requesting to take the photo and give photograph," she tells The Daily Mail. "This happens each day - it doesn't make a difference what I do. I know I could cheerfully finish my work and start to study how to be Rihanna`s lookalike."

Rihanna`s lookalite

Andele was 15 years of age when her companions began seeing how comparative she looked to Rihanna. While she didn't see the likeness Firstly, she said that Rihanna's expanding fame made it hard for her to deny it. Presently Andele can scarcely go out without going unnoticed.

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Rihhana`s twin

Also, she says: “A few people chase me into stores or as I'm driving. Once fifteen individuals will swarm at me at the same time to make a photo with me.”
In spite of resembling the brunette stunner, Andele claims that she never felt sure about her appearance as a teenager. “I was known as the thin young lady with the enormous temple,” she said. Also, Andele says: “During getting older, I experienced numerous phases to find myself and tried different things with various haircuts and mold patterns.”

Andele is a twin

Because of her likeness to Ri-Ri, the 22-year-old has increased more than 18,000 adherents on Instagram and arrived over $230,000 worth of support arrangements in the previous year!
I've scored hair contracts and also tennis shoe, mascara, hair extras and attire bargains," Andele says. "I wouldn't say I've gone out searching for circumstances; they've recently tagged along regularly. Andele says: "I will get considerably more if I put more efforts!"

Rihanna`s twin

While Andele anticipates turning into Rihanna's expert lookalike, she says she won't perform at any point shortly. She told The Daily Mail: "I know I could make a profession of it. I'm a lookalike in my day by day life now! In any case, tragically I can't sing however so I may need to take singing lessons!"


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