Does Wizkid accept his second son?

Is Wizkid a father… again? Learn the news about the DNA test.

Naija celebrities have given much to discuss to their fans on social media. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun or Wizkid, as we all know him, is not an exception. Binta Diamond Diallo claimed she had a baby from this popular singer. Does he own up the son?

wizkid son

Is there a proof of Wizkid being her baby’s father?

For several months Wizkid avoided owning up the baby. The baby mama resides in USA. She requested for the DNA test to be done. Seems like the results are in.

They prove that Wizkid is the father of her child! Moreover, the rumors say that Wizkid gave his new son a name: Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Jr. So, he really has come to terms with the fact of being a father of a second child.

wizkid son dna test

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This document has even been posted on Instagram by the baby mama. As some folks accused her of trying to make Wizkid father someone else’s child. Now she got a real scientific proof of Wizkid’s fatherhood and she can firmly stand her ground. Such things happen in show biz often times. We are glad Wizkid had the courage to do the right thing.

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