Does Wizkid have a child?

Does Wizkid have a child and who is the mother of the baby? Why did they hide their relations and how did the public learn about the child? Read the information below to learn the latest news about it.

Does Wizkid have a child

Does Wizkid have a child?

Not so long ago in SIT, there was news that Wizkid became the father for the second time. The star avoided social media and didn't give official confirmation concerning the child. Therefore, people thought who the official mother of the child was. It is still unknown precisely, however, there are assumptions.

According to news, alleged mother and Wizkid hid the relations some time until she didn't become pregnant, has given birth and has shared the photo and a name of the child in Instagram. She announced a name of the child – Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. It reminds the real name of Wizkid. However, now she has edited a name on the page in Instagram just to show initials of her child, which are AIB.

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Name of alleged mother is Binta Diamond Diallo and she is from Guinea. She is also an admirer of Wizkid songs. A girl is on friendly terms with the American star of a reality show, who has expressed the congratulations on the occasion of the birth of her semi-Nigerian son on Twitter. In some photos, she appears in Wizkid Instagram. Also, Wizkid has posted the child's photos with a description ‘T-Baby Forever.’ The singer has a big popularity among his admirers. His name also appears in mass media. Wizkid net worth was N128 million.

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