Does Wizkid have a private jet?

Did you hear about a new luxurious and extremely expensive jet aeroplane of famous Nigerian singer Wizkid? Read the article and find out more information.

Like a boss

We all became accustomed to the fact that worldwide famous American celebrities like to shock the society and make the boast of their prosperities, buying extremely luxurious and expensive things. Nigerian celebrities keep apace with those American stars. From time to time, we hear different scandals or see photos posted on their social media accounts, showing the posh life of them, their impressive huge houses, valuable speed cars and so on.

It is obvious that Nigerian celebrities, indulged by plush life, are not very happy when they have to travel somewhere by usual plain, even in first and business class. Of course, we can understand them, people are tired of persevering attention of their fans, who are eager to communicate and make a photo with their idols, and paparazzi, spreading dirty gossips. So they desire to get their own, private jet plane.

Absolute comfort

Famous Nigerian songwriter and singer Wizkid is not an exception. He is only 26 years old and he has already reached a worldwide fame. Actually, he is singing since the age of 11. We can only imagine what a beautiful life he lives looking at photos of his extremely expensive properties. Wizkid is among those stars who are not fond of flying by ordinary planes, he prefers using private jets for this purpose. Previously he used the jet plane, provided by his former label. He used it four touring. Also, he is very often seen on the private jet with his good friend, Davido.

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What's the sense?

This year on the Internet appeared new information, saying that the young singer has already got his own jetliner, which costs about million.

Anyway, if this fact is true, we would not be surprised by this purchase.

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