Don Jazzy and Psquare who is the richest and more famous?

How do you think which one of them has the most fans on Facebook and who is the richest? Learn now.

Look at these prominent performers! Who is the best of them? Who is the richest? Who, you think, should be on top of Nigerian music industry? Find out this and many other new facts about Don Jazzy and Psquare!

Don Jazzy and Psquare

Don Jazzy biography

He is known by the birth name Michael Collins Ajereh. This artist was born in State of Abia. He grew up in Lagos. He finished his secondary school there. As he says, he's always been keen on music. It probably began at the age of 4. Then, at 12, he started developing his skills of bass guitar player.

Don Jazzy

In 2000, he moved to London. Don Jazzy played drums in church. During that time, he changed various jobs to support his living in the UK somehow. In 2004, he signed partnership with D'Banj and they set up Mo' Hits label. Thus, Don Jazzy became a successful producer.

Don Jazzy biography

He is responsible for many background vocals in compositions for musicians he produces. Nevertheless, he thinks of himself more as producer than as a singer. During his career, he's managed to receive large quantity of awards. He's now Mavin Records Chief Executive. He has already worked with lots of outstanding performers, including giants like Jay-Z and Kanye West.

biography Don Jazzy

How old is Don Jazzy?

He was born in 1982. He is currently 33 and has already reached the top. He has produced lots of singles and albums from Nigerian and international artists.

How old is Don Jazzy?

Is Don Jazzy married?

In fact, Don Jazzy does not like to speak more about his personal life. However, as we have find out from social media, he is not currently married. Moreover, he enjoys his state of being single.

There is no proved information about him having a girlfriend. However, there are still lots of rumors concerning this issue.

Don Jazzy married?

Psquare biography

Psquare is a duo of two brothers who are twins. Paul and Peter Okoye were born in 1981 in city of Jos.

Psquare biography

It is possible to say, they have started their career at school. They boys joined music and drama club, where they began to practice their singing and dancing skills. And soon they even formed their a-cappella quartet, which they called MMMPP. They became famous in their native city with their break dancing group The Smooth Criminals very soon.


In the year 1999, Psquare brothers entered music school to learn playing drums, bass and rhythm guitar, and keyboard.  Nevertheless, their group disbanded soon after entering the University of Abuja. This made the brothers create their own. They have been selecting the title for some time but have finally stopped on PSquare.

 biography Psquare

They recorded their first album in 2001. In total, Psquare have released seven albums (six of which under their label Square Records).

Is Psquare Nigerian?

This duo has become internationally known. However, the brothers originate from Nigeria. Their native town Jos is located in Plateau State. Theirs family also comes from the state of Anambra.

Is Psquare Nigerian?

Is Psquare married?

Plenty of girls might get disappointed, but both Peter and Paul have wives. Peter married his Titilola Loretta Omotayo in 2013 after long time of dating. Paul married Anita Isama in 2014, whom he had met in 2004 during studies at University of Abuja. They even have a son Andre.

Is Psquare married?

Don Jazzy and Psquare – who is richer and better looking?

These musical giants are really hot. They have reached the top and keep moving forward. It is really hard to say, who is better, as both of them are internationally known and talented.

Don Jazzy’s current net worth is $35 million. He's one of the wealthiest Nigerian producers and musical performers.

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But how much is Psquare worth? Much more actually. They have $130 million!

Now you know who is richer. But who is the best for you? Compare and decide. All of them have lots of fans and followers both nationally and internationally.


They both deserve to have many supporters. This very talented musicians. Good guys. And just kind people. But they are my peers, and has become so popular. But among all youth having fun and doing stupid things. Rally to parties and discos. A musician and singer is not so easy to manage career. While peers are having fun, they work hard. It is not the most important thing is to be a good singer to become popular. And you need to like people. Perform songs that accept public. Their love and listen. This means that not in vain their hard work.

Answered 1 year ago.

Rich people very much, but Don Jazzy is very steep, it is necessary to have great strength of will that would make so much money. But they say that money is evil, but it is said to those people of whom the they are not. In today's world, everything depends on money and connections, is now all bought and sold. To earn millions you need to have good brains and strong hands, someone makes a gun, killing people ... Don done, justice has gained by all this. All I received by your mind, so people should applaud and to emulate.

Answered 1 year ago.
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