Drake ft. Wizkid: has Wizkid appeared in Drake's One Dance single?

How popular is Wizkid? Find out how he was featured in the latest Drake single called One Day.

The latest Whisked news: the famous Nigerian musical performer Drake has published two new songs. One of them was written by Drake ft. Wizkid and is called One day. The second track of Pop style has been created with rappers Jay Z and Kanye West, famous for the whole world. These two songs became a component of album Summer Sixteen. Its production began in January of this year at OVO studio.

drake ft wizkid

Jay Z and Kanye West are participants of The Throne group now. They created this joint project in 2012. Now Drake has persuaded performers to cooperate with him. It has brought great success to the singer.

jay z in drake single

The single including their joint song can make the serious competition for The Throne album. In spite of the fact that Jay Z part in the song is small, their participation became the real decoration of an album. Almost all the song consists of improvisation.

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We will remind that Drake has already released an album with the famous singer Rihanna. Wizkid took part in its creation too.

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The rapper told that the new single would become available to listening most likely in April. Admirers will be able to load it on iTunes or Apple Music.


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