Ex-boyfriend of Fela Kuti's daughter tries to leak her sex tape

Did you hear about the new Nigerian sex video scandal, concerning the daughter of legendary singer, Fela Kuti? Read the article for more shocking details of the case.

Fela Kuti

Though celebrities are often supposed to be some kind of role models, inspiration and live examples of behaviour for ordinary people, and especially youth, they also are intended to make some serious mistakes. As well as their children do. People, grown up with famous and even legendary parents, are often spoilt by the public mind and their parents’ money and they commit unpleasant transgressions even more often than their outstanding parents.

Unfortunately, daughter of the fabulous Nigerian singer, Fela Kuti, is not an exception. Recently she became the centre of a new shocking scandal concerning some sex video.

According to the woman’s words, her ex-boyfriend filmed some unpleasant videos of her while she was in unconscious state and started intimidating her. He promised to post those tapes on the Internet to let her family and friends and all the people see her making some really shocking and crazy things. By, the way, people who have already seen the video confirm that it is really horrifying.

Who is he?

On her Instagram account lady posted one photo with this blackmailer and wrote a big post telling this annoying story. Finishing her post, she asked all those people who know her ex to tell him that he could do everything he wanted and that she was not afraid of him.

It is not known obviously whether woman`s words about the fact that she did not know about him filming such intimate moments of their relations are true or not. Probably, a woman is just trying to whitewash herself. Maybe she was aware of him shooting her during sex and then we can suppose that it is all her own fault.

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In another case, if she was not lying, we can understand that the only her mistake was to start relations with such kind of a real monster. And then, everyone can take this story as an example and realize how important it is to make the right choice, when you are looking for your better half.

Probably, if he really is going to post that video, she should go to the police or even file a lawsuit in court. It is not the situation in which person should adopt a laissez-faire attitude. Such actions have to be punished very strictly.

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