Falz and Simi: are they dating?

What is going on between these two? Are Falz and Simi dating? And what are all those romantic photos about? Let’s see together.

Falz and Simi are dating

Falz and Simi seem to be messing with their fans! They do not officially say anything, but just seem to like the attention they get from posting provocative pictures and making their fans go mad when guessing whether they are a couple or not.

They have been close for a long time. And fans seem to adore them both separately and together. However, these guys seem to use this a lot!

They have recently uploaded pretty romantic pictures online. This led to a huge debate about their current status. Some claim they are dating, some claim they are just teasing, while the rest concluded that these are the love story pictures they took before the wedding day.

Falz and Simi pictures

Meanwhile, the couple remains silent. Here is what some people say about this situation: “The latest antics the duo pulled off by releasing intimate pre-wedding photos yesterday has increased suspicion by their fans that they must be having a secret affair. This, of course, has generated heated debate online. The true nature of their relationship is yet unknown.”

Yet, some people were not convinced enough by the attempts of a couple to attract attention to their new photos online. They stated that from official sources they found out that these pictures are nothing more than just the cover photos for an upcoming EP. No wedding, no rings, no walking down the aisle and romantic vows followed by “I Do” from each side.

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This situation is very familiar, though. Not so long ago, a couple was also engaged in a hot debate about their relationship. Back then, Simi’s boyfriend, as well as the friends involved, mentioned that nothing is going on between the two of them. Therefore, a myth about a love triangle was dismantled.

Falz and Simi in a relationship

However, even though Falz and Simi's pictures seem to be quite persuasive,  they are not together as a couple. At least, that is how we see he big picture. The pictures were just a PR step to draw attention (and let’s face it, it was successful beyond expectations).

At the time being, we believe that Falz and Simi's relationship are nothing more than just friends. Simi is still dating her boyfriend, with whom she has been going out for five years already.

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