Fans suspect that Michael Jackson is alive due to his daughter's selfie

Michael Jackson - still alive or dead? The world community has doubts after the appearance of his daughter's Paris selfie with a man behind her.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is alive - the fans noticed the King of Pop in the car of his daughter according to her posted photos and videos in Instagram.

American singer Michael Jackson was allegedly spotted on selfie of his daughter Paris.

This is a godsend of fans who do not want to believe in death of their idol. It has provoked a huge response so that the news concerning the resurrected Jackson have been published in all leading tabloids such as The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror.

Selfie in the car

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The picture shows - the fans have noticed a dark silhouette of a man, who according to them, is very similar to Michael Jackson.

As a proof of the words, his fans made a video in which was lightened a dark section of this selfie and it showed the face of the one who sits in the back seat.

Let's recall that Michael Jackson died in 2009, when his daughter was only 11. What's more, he also left two sons, who are now brought up by their grandmother. His personal doctor was accused of giving him to much doze of pain killer.

What is it?

There is a conspiracy version of the biography of Michael Jackson, according to which the King of Pop is not dead, just tired of the mega-popularity and now lives in Africa or Canada.

As reported, the daughter of Michael Jackson got a tattoo in memory of his father.

Who was that? Michael Jackson himself, his ghost, who came to look after the daughter or someone else, just stranger, who has become an Internet star due to the resemblance of his shadow with Michael's. It may also be a pile of clothes, isn't it?

Pop King

This August he could have celebrated his 58th birthday. However, one of the reasons of his "death" or it would be better to say disappearance could be suspicion of paedophilia. It appeared that he owned a collection of porno materials with children.

Now, it's up to you to decide whom to believe.

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