Femi Adebayo's wife: Is Yoruba actor married again?

Congratulations! Famous Yoruba actor Femi Adebayo is remarried. Is it really so? Read more to learn.

Femi Adebayo
Is Yoruba actor married again? Here were speculations that popular Yoruba actor, Femi Adebayo who has been separated from his ex-wife, Khadijat for over seven years, would be tying the knot soon but nothing concrete was found.

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Is Yoruba actor is married again?

However, it is discovered who Femi went out with.

The lady he ‘married’ is a fellow actress, Omolara Samuel.

The news that versatile actor, Femi Adebayo is set to marry a new wife. In case you missed the story, here is the news.

Femi Adebayo who is also a top actor in the Yoruba movie industry is set to take a new wife four years after parting with his ex-wife and mother of his babies, Kadijat.

According to an insider, Jalili as Femi is fondly called by his fans is set to walk down the aisle with his US-based lover (Name Withheld) after they both met here in Nigeria about two years ago when the lady came on vacation.

Femi Adebayo

The great Yoruba actor fell in love with her, and they started dating immediately.

Femi Adebayo will be taking his new love to alter before the year runs out. Information from another source claimed that the future wife is from a Muslim background.

You must know, Femi Adebayo’s first marriage to the mother of his babies developed problems when a top Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele was romantically linked with the actor about five years ago. At that juncture, Khadijah was reported to be no longer comfortable with the union hence the break-up.

They were both married for four years, and their union is blessed with three children.

However, City People Magazine paid a visit to the Ibadan-based actor for a thorough investigation about the news where he exclusively and extensively spoke about how his 4-years marriage to Khadijah crumbled seven years ago. He also told why he kept the news a secret till this moment and his plans to give marriage another shot among other interesting issues you need to know about him.

Femi Adebayo

Yoruba actor commented on.

He confirmed that the news is untrue. Femi Adebayo has been single for seven years; he lost the marriage seven years ago. He felt this is the real time to be ready for another wedding. It is not as if he has gotten a date or venue for the wedding like the way it was printed.

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