Flavour and Iyanya – who is richer and better looking?

Flavour and Iyanya - which one of them is hotter and richer? Get the idea now!

Who is the coolest Nigerian singer today? Who is richer? Do you want to find out more interesting facts about such prominent artists as Flavour and Iyanya? Then, read the article and get to know more details about their lives!

Flavour and Iyanya

Flavour N’abania biography

This singer and songwriter is known by his birth name Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli. He was born in Enugu state. However, his family originates from Anambra State. He has been interested in music since childhood. And at the age of 13, he started playing drums in the local church. The pastor then represented Flavour to SoundCity Communications CEO, who was training young musicians. In 1996, he was invited to study music professionally and got a scholarship. Later, in 1999, Flavour shifted from drums to the keyboard.

At 19, he became a part of a band in his native state and was famous as a talented pianist and drummer. He was very inspired and started learning musical production.

His debut album called N'abania was released in 2005. He has recorded four of them by now. What is peculiar about him is that he can sing in Igbo language quite fluently. He is well-known as a singer, songwriter, and performer throughout Nigeria.

How old is Flavour Nabania?

who is flavour

Flavour was born in 1983. Thus, Flavour is currently 32. His professional career started in 2005, but he managed to get lots of awards. He has received about 13 of them by now.

Is Flavour Nabania married?

flavour biography

He does not actually like talking much about his personal life. However, according to the reports, he has a little son. Flavour says he is not going to marry, because he does not have enough time. He wants to spend all the time with his family, but there is no opportunity for this by now. That’s why marriage is not in plans yet. Nevertheless, many women adore him and want to win his heart.

Ilyana biography

ilyana biography

The real name of this outstanding singer is Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk. He was born in Cross River state in 1986. His father was a forester, while his mom was head mistress. Both of them died in 2008. Iyanya used to sing in the local church choir and was the master for the children's choir at 5. He obtained full education in Calabar, including Business Management degree in University of Calabar.

After graduation, he started singing in karaoke bar. Thus, he developed his vocal skills. He started his professional career in music as a rapper named Lofty. His debut album was released in 2009 after winning the MTN Project Fame. He has recorded three albums in total by now.

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Is Iyanya a Nigerian?

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Some people are interested in this question. The answer is positive. Iyanya was born in Calabar (Cross River state).

Is Iyanya married?

He is not currently married, but he has a girlfriend. Her name is Freda Francis.

Flavour and Iyanya – who is richer and better looking?

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Well, who is the wealthiest and the hottest of these two attractive men? They are both young and sexy. Moreover, they are not married! It makes the number of their fans grow (especially among women).

How much is Iyanya worth? He has about $12.5 million by now. He earns his money from music and various endorsement deals, such as one with MTN. Besides, he is extremely popular. One of his hits called Kukere got 15 million views on You Tube.

As for Flavour, his net worth totals $28.5 million. Many musicians actually want to be like him. He has a wonderful voice, outstanding instrument playing skills, and very attractive look.

So, who is your favorite? Who is the best for you? Flavour is a bit richer, but both of them are very popular and hot! We cannot compare their talent; we may just enjoy the results of their creativity.


They are both very good, and both are very mnogovo achieved in life and worthy of respect. Both are associated with the church and music. They are the dream of all girls, handsome men, who conquered many hearts. In one there is already a son, it is well done, because children are the most important thing in my life, even more important than the music or the entire business life. They should imitate and follow the example. I hope they still have to be long to please their creativity.

I will wait for news from them.

Answered 1 year ago.

Both these singers are catching. Most girl fans would probably choose Iyanya as he's got sexy body, riches and he hasn't got children (so he's without "glorious" past). Moreover he'd lost his parents when he was a child, girls would also feel sorry for him and desire to pet him (I would). No doubt these two singers are highly talented and to compare them judging by wealth or physical appearance isn't right. Girls who are wise and serious in their intentions wouldn't choose one of them by these criteria; they would like to learn the soul, the habits and the relation to women.

Answered 1 year ago.

Flavour and Iyanya - Two Nigerian singers. Both look good. On the question of who are richer can be answered in different ways. Looking at what is meant by the word wealth. If material possessions, it is richer than Flavour Iyanya. But if the love of wealth count the number of viewers or produced albums, then they are probably in one step. Flavour Maybe a notch. Of course both singers extremely sexy and beautiful. Also talented, enjoying their songs the audience. I do not care who is richer. I enjoy their singing.

Answered 1 year ago.
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