Flavour Instagram: can you find his nude photos there?

Why did Flavour Nabania posed almost naked for his Instagram page photos? Learn more now.

Seems like the fashion for nude photos has reached Nigeria and its celebrities. Earlier this year most of us have seen Kardashian nude pictures. Now it is turn of Flavour Nabania, famous Nigerian musician. Learn what you can see at his Instagram page.

Flavour Instagram

Flavour Nabania Instagram nude photos (almost nude)

Once you land on the Flavour Instagram page, you find him posing there half nude with only guitar being the “fig leave” covering up his body private parts. No doubt, Flavour singer has a gorgeous body and no mistake. However, a large part of his fans did not take kindly to such an exposure of it on the social media.

They have commented actively and accused the musician in become an attention seeker. And, Flavour has got tons of sexy and lustful replies to such an exposure of his manly sexiness on the nude photos. It seems like the musician favors fame and buzz. It has just died down a bit after his tight collaboration with the Akothee (one of the richest Kenyan musicians). It might be that his Instagram “revelations” are aimed at giving the buzz a boost.

Flavour Instagram nude photos

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It works! The media is buzzing as well as social sites do. People comments on the nude photos of Flavour and share them away. It might even help the singer to leave behind some of his key competitors and newsmakers, such as Davido or Wizkid. Follow the news and see if Flavour Nabania and his nude photos would turn him into the top newsmaker of the social sites. 


If a man is very beautiful with a beautiful body, so why not show off, and all its beauty. Can he thus earns a PR, or attract a female audience to advertise their flavor. I like it very pleasant as a man, a handsome and well-groomed man, and I want to look at it and admire. I wonder how the rest of his life on, a family man and he will be my husband. Now I will follow the life of this handsome man. I would not mind to get acquainted with him personally, I hope this dream ever sstanet reality. I'm waiting for news.

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