Flavour: is he the sexiest musician in Nigeria?

What makes Flavour the sexiest Nigerian artist? Get the 4 reasons!

sexiest musician in Nigeria

Nigeria has many talented people and many of them are gifted musicians. However, not all of them use their two unique talents: songs and sexiness. However, Flavour seems to succeed in both.

Why Flavour is the sexiest among all the Nigerian musicians?

Why Flavour is the hottest in Nigerian show biz? Well, for one you may just take a look at his photos! If that is not enough, let’s take a look at 4 other reasons:

  1. Sexy on scene
    During his live shows he never misses an opportunity to use sex. All the movements, outfits and hot girls on the stage make people think of it!
  2. Sexy promotions
    He uses much sex in his videos and ads to promote his name and brand. And such an approach has proved to be rather successful.
  3. His newest videos
    Have you seen the video for his latest Obianuju song? Some folks say it is too hot and he has almost crossed the line!
    sexiest musician

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  4. His nude photos
    He was the only guy who shared his nude photos on social media. And they got much buzz going on!

As you see, we can rightfully call Flavour the sexiest guy on the scene of Nigeria! He deserved this title.

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