Former Super Falcons Player scourges Olamide. Do you know why?

Olamide was heavily criticized by ex-player of Super Falcons. Do you want to know what happened and what Instagram photo raised so much fuss around it? Just keep reading to learn more about that.

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The news about “the deadliest” shooting in the history of the modern United States probably one of the most discussable topics online these days. You would be unaware of the tragedy only if you live in with no access to the Internet or any other mass media.

Ion June 12 the killer entered a gay nightclub with only one intention behind it: to kill. He opened fire and took hostages. People locked in the building texted their relatives and friends asking for help. Some were made to hide under tables and cover themselves with dead bodies in order to hide from the killer.

His name was Omar Mateen, and he claimed that he acted on behalf of the Islamic State. However, the terroristic organization itself claims that he was not their militant even though they support his action.

orlando shooting

As a result 50 people were killed and even more injured. They were hospitalized after the police could finally get into the building by breaking the wall with a truck.

This incident drew attention of the whole world and people are now discussing the gun control policies and support the families of deceased.

Nigerian celebrities also shared their opinions on this matter. Thus, Olamide (a Nigerian singer) left a critical comment about the LGBT-community on his Instagram and was massively criticized by the users for it.

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Olamide instagram

Eventually, Chified who used to play for the national football team of Nigeria known as Super Falcons challenged him to apologize. As she explained, she believed that lives of LGBT-group members are still valuable despite their personal beliefs and choices. They are still precious and do not deserve to be killed by a terrorist that only killed them in an attempt to show his hatred towards the country in general.

Chified also asked Olamide to “shut up” and be respectful. We do not know whether the singer answered to the criticism; however, his fans and the fans of the ex-football player started a huge discussion on the topic.

The conversation was pretty intense, and debates did not stop for hours. The celebrities themselves did not comment on the issue anymore. Chichi Igbo also mentioned that the club-goers that became the victims of the night shooting on June 12 were not necessarily gays. They could be their friends or even family who just came there to support and accompany them.

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As an answer to Chified’s post Olamide deleted her rom his account followers and did not let her follow him anymore. The users seem to be waiting for a new blast.

The post that became the reason for such a debate contained the following information. The guy on the picture looked irritated and even disgusted with something. And the words below the picture said: “When somebody asks you if you’re ok because they know you were in Orlando but you are not gay.”

Chified made a screenshot of this post by Olamide and commented on it below in order to save the evidence in case he removes it.

women's football league nigeria

This incident with the terrorist and his victims really is a tragedy no matter what your worldview is. It is always sad to see how the hatred of one person can bring so much damage and pain into the lives of other people. Personally I do not support the idea of homosexuality; however, I believe that every life is precious, and no one but God has a right to decide when to take it.

Chified also added a hashtag to her repost and comment saying #prayforrlando which I totally agree with. These families and people that were there really do need our prayers.

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