Funke Adesiyan is going back to acting

Are you excited to hear that one of the best Yoruba actresses is coming back to acting? Read this article to find out what she was doing during her 4-year break.

Funke Adesiyan

It seems like we haven’t heard anything from Funke Adesiyan for quite a while! What has Yoruba actress been busy with? Even though she hasn’t acted for a while now she decided to come back to the filming industry!

The Nigerian actress shared her thoughts and plans for future on her Instagram account. She surprised all her fans by saying they would see her on their screens again.

Funke says that few days ago she received her script for the new project. It was a really exciting moment for her as she hasn’t acted for about 4 years.

She also says that everyone was so confused when she decided to quit her career and even her family and friends sought for explanation.

But the reason why Adesiyan didn’t feel like acting back then is that she really needed a break. Sometimes even the jobs you really like can be exhausting not only physically but also emotionally.

The actress didn’t spend this spare time in vain. She helped the poor and tried herself in different occupations. Funke really needed that experience and time on her own to make something good for herself and for the society.

She thanks God for helping her getting through this tough period of her life. She thinks that if not Him she wouldn’t have been able to achieve such success and wouldn’t have become a happy woman.

Right now everyone is looking for the release of the new movie where Funke Adesiyan will be starring! Is going back to acting an exciting moment of her life? There’s no doubt it is!

Funke Adesiyan

Another thing Funke did when she was on ‘vacation’ was taking part in the contest for the seat in House of Assembly of Oyo state. Unfortunately, she lost.

You might think of it as bad news because there is a huge chance that Nigerian actress would have benefited the political state of affairs in Nigeria.

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However, now she has time and desire to come back to acting which certainly is good news for her fans! 

Funke Adesiyan about losing weight

Most of us have already forgotten how one of our favourite actresses looked like about one year ago! For those who are not aware Funke has lost a lot of weight and she wanted to share her story with her fans.

Funke Adesiyan

She said that it was a great decision to lose weight because after a while she started feeling better. A lot of girls were jealous and confused.

No one could get how the actress lost that much (more than 20 kg) for such a short period of time. What is even more shocking, Funke’s diet was really healthy so there were no surgeries or a lot of restrictions.

When Nollywood actress shared her experience, everybody found out her body was in a really good shape because of physical exercises.

She actually didn’t plan on losing weight – her main purpose was to improve her health. She says that it’s not necessary to torture yourself with diets even though it’s necessary to eat healthy food.

Funky wants everyone to start moving more and she promises that the results will really be satisfying. Not only you will lose weight but your physical and emotional conditions will improve.

Funke Adesiyan

We have a lot of reasons to admire Nigerian actress Funke Adesiyan. Not only she is a great and very talented actress, she is also a caring mother and responsible businesswoman.

In her interviews she always says that she loves business and she knows how to do it. Funke actually earned her first million at the age of 17. How impressing is that?

Moreover, the only person who is responsible for her achievements is only her! That’s why she is such an appreciated woman in Nigeria and a lot of girls and young women want to be like her.

As for her relationships, there is not much known except for the fact that she dated Saheed Balogun who also is a Nigerian actor. But apparently they broke up back in 2015.

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