Funke Akindele: is she secretly married to JJC?

Who is Funke Akindele secretly married to? Learn the amazing news now.

JJC and Funke Akindele

On her birthday Funke Akindele has gone viral with the news. She might be secretly married to JJC. Is that true?

JJC and Funke Akindele: are they married?

Funke has laid out many photos on Snapchat and from what we can see there, she’s got a ring on her finger. The rumors of the two getting married emerged first in May, but none of them have supported the idea.

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 Funke Akindele

Now we hear that the couple got secretly married in London on the 24rd of August. The report remains officially unconfirmed. But again we see the Snapchat photos that indicated it’s true.

The information comes from Tamira Bello, the daughter of the singer JJC. The media discussed the news of the couple possibly getting engaged in the February of 2016 and this time the whole family gathered together. Are they there to celebrate the wedding? We’ll have to wait for the confirmation to know for sure, but it’s highly likely!

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