Funke Akindele vs Mercy Johnson: which Nollywood actress is better and hotter?

Do you know Funke Akindele and Mercy Johnson? What films did they participate in? Read the article to learn more about actresses’ life.

There are a great number of talented actresses. But two of them are especially allocated. Let's compare Funke Akindele vs. Mercy Johnson.

Funke Akindele biography

Funke Akindele biography

Funke Akindele age is 40. She was born in Lagos in the family consisting of three children. Her mother is a doctor, and father is a principal.

The actress has graduated from the University of Lagos where she studied in the direction of law.

Funke Akindele age

The actress has gained fame after acting in popular sitcoms under the names 'United Nations Population Fund' and 'I need to know', which lasted 4 years. She has got a role of very clever and curious student. The peak of popularity of the actress fell on 2009 when she acted in the movie 'Jenifa'. The woman is known not only as the actress. There are a lot of Funke Akindele movies, where she became a director and screenwriter as well.

Funke Akindele movies

Funke Akindele has a set of transactions with various companies. For example, she has concluded the contract and became Ambassador to Iroko TV. She is also an owner of set of awards, such as African Movie Academy and AfricaMagic Viewer’s Choice.  In May 2012 the woman married, however she has got divorced a year later because of disagreements with husband. Funke Akindele latest news say that the actress is going to spend all her money from recent films and deals on production of her own TV show.

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Mercy Johnson biography

Mercy Johnson was born on August 28, 1984 in Lagos. Mercy has six brothers and sisters. After Johnson has failed examinations on entering a university, she became an actress.

Mercy Johnson latest news

The girl debuted in the movie 'The Maid', in which she played a role of hostess of the house. Her role in this movie was successful and since then the audience can see more than 170 Mercy Johnson movies. In 2009 the woman won African Film Award, and in 2013 – Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards for a role in the comedy 'Dumebi the Dirty Girl'.

Mercy Johnson biography

In August, 2011 Mercy married Prince Odianosen Okojie. Their family has three children: the daughter Purity, the son Henry and one more daughter – Onosetale.

Mercy Johnson latest news say that admirers of the actress became the victims of SMS swindlers. They have received the message that they became owners of a prize from Mercy. Fans had to pay money to receive the gift. Some of them have almost believed that it is truth. The actress has quickly disproved these actions.


Mercy is exactly what is missing in our time, very few people left who really know how to empathize and to do something for others. Others against all this, because the people who are engaged in charity, more valued and respected, and of course love. Is that there are people that are engaged in public relations for the sake of mercy and incomes for such people certainly need to drive, and others will be against this, but when it comes from the heart, why not. I think this article will be a lot of interesting.

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