Funsho Adeolu and family: What is his love story?

Dream to know the secrets of Funsho Adeolu and his family? What tips do they give for building the friendly relationship? How to maintain romance for 10 years? Find everything here!

Funsho Adeolu's family

Funsho Adeolu and his family were always a real example for all the people all over Nigeria. They are friendly, close to each other and seem to be very happy. An actor explained that he always wanted to build a happy family, so it was his goal and he did a lot for that.

Funsho Adeolu family

Funsho Adeolu and his family

Funsho Adeolu has always been an extremely family orientated Nigerian celebrity. He didn’t hide his family, but was always proud to share private photos of his kids and wife. The talented Yoruba actor thinks that his fans love to share his ‘world’ with him.

He said that he met his wife at Zeb Ejiro’s office. At that time she worked there behind the camera. They started as friends and then something happened between them. He said that he liked her, because she was very original and simple. She had no make- up, no modern hairdo and also she wore some very decent clothes. She had very African look and that was very attractive for him.

Funsho Adeolu and wife

A lady gave him a slightly tough time because a woman kept dodging him, but hard as Victoria tried to evade him, God always brought them together sometimes one way and then another. They can’t explain it, but they always met each other and every time Victoria wanted to run away from him, the actor was always there to surprise her. They courted for about eight years. A lot of people considered that as a very long time, but it was a really great period in their lives, according to them.

Funsho Adeolu's kids and wife

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A few months ago, Funsho Adeolu celebrated his wife’s, Victoria, 40th birthday. He posted a lot of pictures of his beloved lady and her beautiful birthday cake on his Instagram. The pictures were extremely beautiful and full of love. Fans notice the deep connection they have and a real passion.

Funsho Adeolu and his wife

It can be unbelievable, but there is the fact that a man has already been married to the same lady for over 11 years now. And the couple has been blessed with two charming boys. Funsho Adeolu and family are spending a lot of time together. According to the insider, staying together with his beloved family all the time has really helped him to establish a very strong bond with them and due to this reason he still has remained one of the those celebrities whose good  image has not been ‘spotted’ with any scandal.

Funsho Adeolu's kids

The happily married star has recently shared a few new photos with his lovely kids and wife. Funsho Adeolu has starred in more than 200 home videos and has already won a lot of awards for his talented acting skills. He deserves much more accolades for his talent and being a good father and husband.

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